Friday, November 4, 2011

Some Upcoming Beauty Collections

Even before I began writing Messy Wands I used to collect information on upcoming collections way before their release dates, just so I could get down to the counter and be the first one to play with new stuff come launch day. Now, I actually have an outlet to share my madness! *cue maniacal laughter

Below are links to some collection previews that crossed my way this bright Friday morning:

Chanel Spring 2012 product images available on Beauty Crazed. I'm not terribly excited about this, but the palette looks like it could be a killer basic. I suppose we'll find out in two months (or less).

Karl Lagerfeld x Sephora collection (was I living under a rock? I did not know this was even happening) product images via However, according to, it will only be available in Europe and Singapore.

Le Métier de Beauté Holiday kaleidoscope preview and swatches (!!) via The Black Panties. You don't even need to ask if I will be getting this.

Le Métier de Beauté Holiday Stoc-Ken Stuffers nail collection press info and swatches of All That Glitters via Pink Sith and Best Things in Beauty.

I will be attending a Guerlain Master Class later in the evening and I expect to come home with at least one new Great Red. How will you be spending your weekend?

Updates: British Beauty Blogger has details on Lancome Spring 2012: Roseraie Des Delices. In case you wanted to know, mint green/green will be the "it" color for spring. You only need to take a peek at Dior Spring 2012 to know it's true.

Yes, we're skipping seasons.


  1. The LMdB Kaleidoscope is giving me a seizure! You're probably going to beat me to it. By the way, is that where you got your mystery LMdB brown shade from? I have not forgotten about that!

    The Chanel eye quad looks promising. I'm a sucker for golds and plums.

  2. I missed the last part of your post. A Guerlain master class sounds like one of the best ways to spend an evening, and I hope you found that Great Red. Will you be doing a report on the class?

    As for my own weekend, well, I've spent the last few Saturdays visiting counters and getting makeovers, then posting the photos/instructions. This weekend, however, I think I'm going to stay in and curl up with a good book. Last Saturday's makeover, incidentally, was Guerlain and I bought Rouge G in Gala. It might be a Great Red, but it leans quite fuchsia.

    Thanks for asking. :-) Do share that class with us.


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