Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog Stalk: à la peach

I promised I would stop tweet-stalking her but it doesn't mean I can't blog about her. Through an absolutely scintillating conversation with a few beauty bloggers about cameras, lasik surgery, and procrastinating my paper due in 12 hours, I stumbled upon Peach of à la peach and I'm smitten smitten smitten.

I just cannot stop going through her archives, browsing her twitpics (girl's from Japan - go figure that I'm in love), and marveling at her nails and cuticles and application I can't even dream to have.

Here's a few examples. If you recall, Chanel released a limited edition trio of denim-hued nail lacquers for Fashion's Night Out. Bloggers covered this collection to death when it came out, but not one of them managed to sway me to purchase. Until I saw this on her fingers:

Now, I'm thinking of hitting up my Chanel counter to see if they might have any of this left. The chances are infinitesimal, but a girl can dream.

Another done-to-death coverage is the Julep Maven membership program, where for a fee of $19.99 a month Julep will send you a box containing over $40 worth of goodies every month. It sounds like a good deal, but I've never considered joining it. At the risk of sounding like a huge marketing pitch for Peach, I'm... toying with the idea because of her extensive Julep coverage:

She might also be the only person ever to make me want a ballet pink polish so. much.

I've long since crossed the boundary line to stalker zone (seriously I think she's a little afraid of me now), but I whole-heartedly invite you to do so as well. Visit her beautiful site and marvel/agonize!

All images published with permission from Peach and taken from à la peach.


  1. Eeks! I love her too! I don't do nails, but she is thus far the only nail blog that makes me wish I did. She definitely deserves being stalked! :D

  2. Thank you Paris for validating my stalking! :D

  3. This isn't fair, seriously.
    Why can't I have her nails & cuticles like hers?!
    Going to look through all her photos now. It's only 2AM, I'll be done in 4 hours I bet!

  4. Those nails are incredible! Love the colors!

  5. Wow, this girl has insanely perfect nails!! No matter what I do, mine do NOT look like that!

    That's for sharing her blog. I am really lemming those of the polishes she's posted!

  6. You are so bad for my low/no-buy, xiao...but I love you for it. :-p

  7. You have more willpower than I do, Xiao: I am now a Julep Maven. Besides, with the code FBMAVEN, you can get the first package for $9.99. That's ridiculous.

    As for Peach, I demand proof that her nails aren't photoshopped. ;p

    This is a cute feature; please do more Blog Stalks in the future!

  8. Same here Xiao, I found her and I don't remember how, but not only does she tolerate all of our comments and questions, she is an absolute SWEETHEART. She is the nicest, nicest person. Got me hooked on Julep, to be sure. She also strives to be a photographer and loves special lighting (she has a Panasonic Lumix which is a great camera) but I don't think it's Photoshopped. I think it's all in the lighting. She knows how to light her hands, and that's the sign of a true photographer.

  9. Her blog seems to have gone dormant. I wish she would come back!


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