Friday, November 18, 2011

Giorgio Armani Holiday 2011: Madre Perla Face and Eye Palette #1 and Eye Palette #2

I frequently go into bouts of beauty coma. Throw enough mediocre makeup at me and I start to feel like there's too much going on. When it actually becomes too much I hide under my table for a bit to weather it out. (I kid. Or do I?)

I was on the verge of seeking shelter under my table when I received my Giorgio Armani Holiday goods in the mail. Then I breathed a sigh of relief. All is right in the world again. The company swayed away from ostentatious display (remember the jacquard palette I didn't like?) and concentrated on the products themselves this time around. The result is a well-curated assortment of items that complement each other. I swept most of the collection clean and now am the proud owner of the Madre Perla Face and Eye Palette #1, Eye Palette #2, along with Gloss d'Armani Plum #604, which I featured earlier this week, and Eyes To Kill Intense #19. 

Madre Perla Face and Eye Palette #1

L-R: All three blended, swatched top to bottom.

I couldn't get the three varieties of gold from the Madre Perla Face and Eye Palette #1 to show up in the picture, probably because the bottom two shades resemble my skintone a little too closely. I'm just glad the blended swatch turned out noticeable. You'll have to trust me when I say this is apparent on my cheeks. I can't for the life of me figure out why I can't capture the very visible gold sheen I get from this palette (again, probably my skintone). But it's there. And the effect is a certain iridescence when applied to the skin. A note to glitter haters, there are super fine glitters accompanying the aforementioned sheen. They're not overabundant - think sparser than what you get from Guerlain Meteorites - but again, they're there. 

The Beauty Look Book allayed my mediocre swatching skills! She has her Armani Holiday feature up and her swatches are much more distinguished. Go forth and be tempted!

Madre Perla Eye Palette #2

Madre Perla Eye Palette #2 is made of three light (not sheer!) hues - a white gold, taupe, and the palest of pale lilacs. Again, these don't look so impressive when swatched over my hand, but they perform brilliantly when placed on the eyes. 

White gold shade all over, taupe in the outer corners, lilac swept just below the browbone 

I've heard plenty of women who shy away from lilac shades because they're afraid of how it would look on their eyes, but I want to set the record straight. Lilacs are magical brighteners for tired eyes. After all, light purple tones actually work to counteract sallowness in the skin. If you need more convincing, do watch this video by Lisa Eldridge. The makeup guru concurs, calling lilac "a universally flattering pep up shade." In the photo above I probably had only 3-4 hours of sleep the day (and entire week) before. I don't think I look it!

The shadows are a pleasure to work with. Soft but not flaky, smooth, and easy to blend. However, since the shades are so light, I suggest you use a nude base or primer beneath to ensure they'll show up. 

And here is a (half) face shot using all Giorgio Armani Holiday items:

The Madre Perla palettes retail for $59 apiece and should be available at major department stores. The Holiday collection just arrived at and is missing the rosewood gloss I've been waiting for. Sigh.


  1. Eee! You're absolutely right - the swatches don't look all that impressive, but the eye shots do. Love the lavender tones of #2 against your skintone! :o)

  2. This looks gorgeous when you're wearing it. On me, I think it would just look like a highlighter...

  3. Those shades are lovely, my kinda shadow.

  4. Lilac is practically my go-to anymore. That second palette is so pretty!

  5. I was totally going to dismiss this palette, but it's so ethereal and beautiful on you! *Rae flail!!!*

  6. The colors are so beautiful on your eyes! I too was a little bit doubtful when I saw the hand swatches, but they look fantastic in your EOTD. I've never tried anything from Armani before (the price is a little gulp inducing considering my current student budget), but I guess I should start saving up! :P

  7. Rae- I think lavender/lilac works particularly well against Asian/olive/yellow tones :)

    Jamilla- Thank you! Aww but you'll never know. Are you planning try it at a counter?

    adoreabubbles- :)

    rachlovespenguins- yes! <3 the palette. I wish I could should how pretty the first one is. But maybe a blogger with another skintone...

    Tracy- thank you. hahaha! I wonder if Rae flails in real life (and if she does, we need a video of it!)

    Makeup Morsels- worst hand swatches ever T_T

  8. Your photos make me want this eye palette even though I think I am too fair to pull it off well. Looks beautiful on you- stunning against your skin yet your eye/hair color really makes it pop.
    I would love to hear, if you ever have the time, what make-up you found mediocre or disappointing... that would be pretty valuable info too! :-)

  9. Anon- Thank you for the kind words!

    That is a little difficult because I rarely buy on impulse anymore (I tend to look up blogs/makeupalley before I purchase) so I don't find a lot of things I'm disappointed at. But if a product makes me angry I usually publish the information :)

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