Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nail Sociology and A Happy Holiday To You!

My sister sent me some pictures a few days ago with a note letting me know that she, my mother, and my baby sister all went for a mani/pedi together in preparation for a cousin’s wedding. I always take these happy updates with a tinge of sadness. While I love knowing what the family is up to back home, the unfortunate side effect is the acute pangs of homesickness that accompanies each photo she sends.

Nevertheless, I derived considerable enjoyment from these photos for three reasons: 1) my mother doesn’t pamper herself often enough, 2) that picture of my baby sis? Priceless. (Nevermind that I think 9-year-olds shouldn’t be getting manicures), and 3) their choices. They strike me as so age-appropriate it’s stereotypical, and I chuckled over this little bit of beauty socialization.

Here are their manicures:

Maroon toes for mum and metallic purple toes for sis

Peach gel mani for mum

Holographic beige mani for sis

Pastel purple sheer base with chunky heart-shaped pieces

Said priceless photo

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful time stuffing yourselves with turkey (pun?). I expect to hear stories about the wonderful food you had and inevitable food comas you’ll be getting.


  1. That's so sweet <3.

    LOVE your sisters choices, especially the holographic beige! Any chance you might happen to know what was used for her manicure? *hopeful face*

  2. Great manis and pedis! Thanks for sharing!

  3. dani- She made me google it because she didn't know the color haha. It's OPI Designer Series in Classic.

    Jamilla- you're most welcome! I loved them too

  4. Ah, I definitely loved having my nails painted when I was 9. Salon manicures might be a step further than my mum doing it but it's still a treat. That last photo of your sister is gorgeous. Also, the colour on your mum's fingers is just what I need! Do you know what it is?

  5. Anna- aww! My mother didn't allow me to. I remember a fair amount of sneaking around with cosmetics before I was 18! Unfortunately we don't know the color :(

  6. Replies
    1. kalau orang tua belum memberi ijin, maka sabarlah dulu. sampai usia cukup, itu lebih baik


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