Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sephora Friends & Family Event

A lot of birds have been flitting from tree to tree, chirping about the Sephora event of the year. Apparently the Friends and Family sale (20 percent off ALL items) is this Thursday! I've been at a loss browsing through the website searching for items I absolutely want or want to try. I can't believe it either, but I'm drawing a total blank. The only thing I'm semi-contemplating is Illamasqua's pigments. But I'm not absolutely convinced I want to try them yet.

So, I turn to you, dear readers. I would love to know what's been lurking in the corners of your mind, whispering, "Buy me! Buy me!" What brand(s) or product(s) has been giving you the tingles? I invite you to share your lists. I would love to be inspired!

Update 19 Oct: BOO! According to @BloominBeauty5 the F&F sale will only apply to literal friends and family of Sephora employees. This one on Thursday will not apply to us, VIB or not. She does add that Sephora is planning a F&F sale for everyone, but they have yet to set a date and determine the exact promotion.

Update 20 Oct: I apologize for the flurry of misinformation going on about this! I just found out from Twitter that the F&F sale is indeed a go. Instead of mailing out the promo codes, you can receive yours by entering your email here. The code can only be used once and on online purchases only. It will expire on November 2.

Update 21 Oct: This is rapidly turning into a "Breaking News" section. I wish there were an easier way to do this (actually there is, I distribute up-to-date information much more readily on Twitter). Apparently, this F&F sale wasn't intended for anyone other than friends and family of Sephora employees. You can read about the, um, "controversy" in full on Best Things in Beauty, who got the scoop  from Sephora Customer Service. At any rate, I received my promo code using the link above and my order went through. I feel I should let you know that one of the Illamasqua blushes I was interested in went out of stock as I was editing my cart. If you still want to take advantage of the sale (remember, it lasts till November 2), I would suggest an order sooner rather than later to avoid certain heartbreak.


  1. Well, I plan on stocking up on Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water Cloths. They remove makeup effortlessly. And I'm going to get a vat of Josie Maran Argan Oil for my hands!

  2. This Thursday? Really?? This is fantastic news. I totally want at least one creamy shadow from the Ellis Faas line. And one of her metallic glimmer things, either the lilac, beige or holographic bordeaux. I also have my eye on a new foundation/tinted moisturizer. Yay for sales!!!

  3. Really the only thing I want to try is one of the Hourglass duos. Everything else in my cart is just re-stock (i.e. new Clarisonic heads). Sephora just doesn't seem to do it for me anymore. :/

  4. I would love to get some Ellis Faas, but I want to see everything in person first. Which won't be happening anytime soon!

    I will probably be getting Jack Black Beard Lube for my hubby and the Lashstash for me. I've talked myself out of some Sashajuan hair products and the Couture Color pequi oil for now. I've been loving the Jurlique rosewater toner, but I'm trying to tell myself that I need to use up the small bottle I have now before even thinking about replacing it. I'm also thinking about the Nails Inc magnetic polish in gray, Laura Mercier mini kohls and the NARS Danmari blush palette- TDF, but I already have Desire and Casino's a little dark for me. It's still very tempting, though!

  5. Thank you so much for your updates!

  6. I agree with Anon! This is the only blog I follow that even mentioned F&F. The updates on top of that help keep me in the know, which I appreciate.

  7. More info on the F&F sale! I just went to my Sephora today (NYC) and the store manager said that right now its for true family and friends of employees, you can get a card if you know someone. (or you can just nicely ask a sales associate if s/he has extras, since its still early during the sale, they definitely have extras. If you talked to a nice one, they'll just hand you a card..) Store manager also said there will be another sale sometime in November to be emailed to beauty insiders to use in stores.

    Point of my post.. go to a store and try your luck =)

  8. You can get the code from the link I posted above now :) thanks for the update!


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