Sunday, October 9, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Fall 2011: Empress Kaleidoscope Lip Kit

Peeking through my window blinds are rays of piercing sunlight, and what should be a day of frolicking outside in the last beautiful weekend of New England is instead, spent gulping down fluid and pills of every variety to combat the onset of flu. I'm in that state of limbo before you descend into a monthlong full-blown cold, or if I play it right, recover before it begins. I'll raise my glass of herbal remedy to the latter!

Here's a long overdue post on the Le Metier de Beaute Empress kaleidoscope lip kit. As you recall, I posted a preview swatch of this a month ago here.

Clockwise: Top to bottom shade

L-R: Bottom to top shade

Empress is part of Le Metier de Beaute's Fall 2011 collection. It is a four-pan lip kaleidoscope that's meant to be layered from bottom to top, though you are free to experiment in any way you like. You can use only the bottommost shade for a darker lip, or just the second shade for a deep, intense red. The keyword with any kaleidoscope (and the entire brand) is to just play around!

When layered, Empress is a quintessential fall tone - a shiny deep berry. In the pictures above, I paired it with the other Le Metier de Beaute fall offering, the Silk Road eye kaleidoscope.

Typical of Le Metier de Beaute lip kaleidoscopes, texturally all four colors of Empire differ. The topmost and bottom two layers are thinner and stickier while the deep red shade is milkier, like a lip creme in pan form. Empress features the familiar burnt vanilla smell present in most lip cremes.

It's been some time since Empress hit counters, but I hope there are still some in stock out there. As per usual, Empress retails for $95 and can be found at Neiman Marcus stores.


  1. Love the way this lip color looks paired with the Silk Road kaleidoscope on eyes! Gorgeous! :)

  2. Oh, last winter I had to suffer through one of those monthlong full-blown colds, so I am going to be sending you good vibes to the contrary.

    Speaking of LMdB, last Saturday I went to their counter and got a wholly unexpected, wholly amazing makeover involving not only the Silk Road Kaleidoscope but also the Oscar de la Renta Kaleidoscope! Photos and instructions are up on my blog. Just stunning. The makeup, ha, not me! I see why you like Silk Road so much.

    By the way, in that post I linked back to your swatches and gave you credit. Please let me know if that's not kosher. Hope you get well soon.

  3. @MM thank you :)

    @Leigh Ahhh! Congratulations on picking up the OdlR kaleidoscope - You look phenomenal in your pictures. Amazing cheekbones!

    Of course it's okay. In fact, I appreciate the linkback very much :)

  4. It looks great! Do they release new li palettes each season?

  5. Thanks, Xiao, for the compliment. It's funny, makeup artists invariably flip out over my cheekbones. : )

    By the way, I've bit the bullet and ordered both Guerlain holiday lipsticks off, so thanks for those inspirational swatches.

    I'm also expecting a few items from the Chanel holiday collections. I don't think I've seen you review anything from it here yet. Are you planning to?

  6. Gorgeous. I am hoping to pick up an Eye and Lip Kaleidoscope probably not at once because I'll have to save up for just one or the other now!

  7. @time4beauty Yes they do. Le Metier de Beaute releases new palettes for spring and fall and (I think) holiday. With special ones in between.

    @Leigh As they should! They're amazing :) I've been agonizing over the slowness of Chanel holiday to arrive at my counters. It's definitely going up, just can't be certain of when.

    @lexi920 The Holiday kaleidoscope sounds like a good one to invest in!


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