Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun With Makeup: Oscar de la Renta S/S '12

I was reading through the Beauty Blitz blog a few days ago and was struck by the image below of a model backstage at the Oscar de la Renta Spring/Summer 2012 show. I've been wanting to do a post about the exaggerated crease look coming out of the 2012 Spring runways for the longest time now, so I decided it's time for us to have a slice of that fun on Messy Wands!

Photo from Read their Oscar de la Renta S/S '12 coverage here

Now, it's probably needless to point out that I'm not even an iota of Gucci Westman, but a girl's gotta have her own fun, aye? I do hope you enjoy my rendition of this runway look!

I started with the eyebrows. I elongated mine and drew it thicker than what I was used to. Next, I primed my lids and placed Chanel Beige Lamé all over the eyelid to even the color out, then I patted Le Métier de Beauté Rose Champagne on top for the glow. 

I took a pointed crease brush (Chanel #3 to be exact) and ran Chanel Safari eyeshadow along the brow bone above my usual crease, then layered Le Métier de Beauté Spicy over it. I used a (as yet unnamed -  will feature soon) Le Métier de Beauté brown shade for definition at the inner and outer edges. I used a flesh toned eyeliner (Chanel Le Crayon Khol in Clair) along the inner corner and lower lash line. Finally, I tightlined my eyes with Le Métier de Beauté Tamarack Dualistic Eye Pencil and gave my lashes a light coat of Benefit They're Real mascara.

For the lips, I lightly lined the top lip line with a pink liner (Le Métier de Beauté Rouge) and patted a matte peach lipstick onto the lip (Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipstick in Darling Beige). I took a stiff eyeliner brush and dipped it into Lumière Sculpteé de Chanel, using it to define and highlight the lips.

I applied Chanel Joues Contraste Tempting Beige heavily on my cheeks to emulate the beautiful peach flush, and swept more of Lumière Sculpteé de Chanel above the cheekbones, under the brows, and on the tip of the nose.

Skin is courtesy of Chantecaille Future Skin in Camomile. 

I believe this runway look is wearable even on a daily basis, though I don't know about its practicality - I don't envision myself choosing to do this at 8a.m. when I can use the extra twenty minutes for sleep instead. My greatest takeaway from doing this look is an awareness about blush placement. Instead of starting from the apples of my cheeks, I placed it a little further in and shaded in a triangular shape instead of pulling it into the hairline as usual. The effect I got was startling - I call it the very image of health! 

What do you think about the look? Love it or hate it, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Also, I'm aware I have not reviewed most of the products I used (oops). If you're interested in any in particular, let me know and I'll try my best to do it soon.


  1. Hi Xiao!

    LOVE your blog. Absolutely love it. Your reviews are so helpful and I love seeing the looks you create. Of course it helps that you are lovely, and very talented at makeup application.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on Chantecaille's Future Skin. I have always been interested in this product, and I am curious about its finish and how moisturizing it is. I have combo skin, so I have to be careful in foundation selection.

    Thanks again for all your hard work and excellent blog. I truly enjoy reading it and check it every day!


  2. Love this look! Definitely a twist to the everyday make-up routine. I like the way the eyes were done as well as the cheeks. Great job. :]

  3. You look amazing! I've never done my eyeshadow like that before. That is a cool technique :)

  4. love the placement of the blush! it really makes your cheekbones seem more prominent, i love it.

  5. Could you elaborate on the blush placement? I am not seeing the triangle (is it pointing up, down or sideways?). BTW, I like this look on you better than on the model up top.;-)

  6. Great blush! Can you do a tutorial post? Love your blog,,,one of my daily must reads!

  7. Hey Xiao! I agree with Katie, would love a review on Future Skin. As for the eye makeup, I think it might be a bit aging. Not only on you but on the original model as well. But the blush looks fab!

  8. "I used a (as yet unnamed - will feature soon) Le Métier de Beauté brown shade . . . " What? What?! You can't just leave it at there. I am palpitating. Where could this shade possibly be from?

    In any case, great pictures! Amateur, my foot, your work looks professional. I love what you've done with the heavy crease concept. The only thing I would suggest experimenting with is perhaps making the lash line brighter. The model has a quite white lash line, while yours looks rather naked.

    Get back to us on that LMdB shade! Don't make us suffer.

  9. @Katie Thank you! Your comment made me flutter all day :) I only have a sample of Future Skin but I will definitely look to reviewing it once I get a full sized bottle. Thank YOU for reading Messy Wands

    @tiffyama thank you :)

    @Rainy Days and Lattes it was fun to emulate!

    @kellyyes yay!

    @Anon1 It's pointing sideways - it's more apparent in the bottom two pics (but the lighting... sigh)

    @Anon2 Itching to do a full blush tutorial post now :)

    @Elizabeth yeap! As soon as I get a full-sized one :D

    @Leigh lalalalalala~ hahaha yes of course. Have I ever scrimped on showing you LMdB goodies?

    @Jamilla Camel thanks :)

  10. Maybe not my favorite eye look, but YOU make just about ANYTHING look good! I think I might try that placement with the blush!

  11. I notice that you wear, at least mostly?, Chanel blushes and wonder if you greatly prefer them to Le Metier's? I was thinking about ordering a LMdB blush but realized I haven't read much about them. Thoughts?

  12. Love your version of the look! That Chanel blush looks so fricken amazing on your cheeks.

  13. @Isla you are such a sweetheart for saying that :)

    @katie I like them both - that said, they're quite different. Chanel JCs usually create "soft flushes" where if you really want them to show up you have to layer them quite a bit (this general statement does not include some l/e items like Rouge), whereas LMdB blushes are quite pigmented. It also depends if you're talking about the powder ones or the creme fresh tints?

    At any rate, I'll be posting a review of the Flawless Face kaleidoscope soon. It contains the Echo blush if you want to have a look before ordering :)

    @Jenny :D


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