Saturday, October 15, 2011

Les Scintillances de Chanel Holiday 2011: Rouge Carat

Chanel Holiday with its reds and golds was my first "true" Holiday 2011 experience. Guerlain, while beautiful, didn't strike me as festive, which is what I've come to expect from holiday collections. As repetitive as it gets year after year, I say bring on the golds! (Can you tell I'm dying for Dior's gold palette to hit stores now? Because I am.) 

Following my disappointment (mostly at myself) with Chanel's Sophisticated Eye collection, I've become very picky about succumbing to Chanel. I realized that I've become far too susceptible to the interlocking Cs instead of paying attention to quality or uniqueness in terms of color and texture. When Chanel Holiday finally rolled into stores I forced myself to look at the collection with a discerning eye, and picked up only three pieces, one of which is Rouge Carat

This last picture captures what fascinated me about Rouge Carat. Without a doubt, one of Chanel's best products is their nail polishes, and that's because they're the master of the understated shimmer. It ever so slightly peeks out from the nail. Rouge Carat is a blue-based red with a tinge of pink to my eye. Dior Holiday also features a red polish called Merveille, which is decidedly orange-based. I chose not to purchase it because I already got uh, too many nail polishes this season, but you can see a comparison shot of it to Rouge Carat on The Beauty Look Book

Rouge Carat retails for $25 and is available at Chanel counters nationwide. I purchased mine from Neiman Marcus. The full Chanel Holiday 2011 Collection is also available on


  1. Um, can I just say that I LOVE that first photo? I don't think I've ever seen a nail polish shot quite like that before! It's lovely :o)

  2. You have the prettiest ultra close-ups, Xiao. What's your method, if I may ask?

    I agree with you about the fascination of Rouge Carat. Needless to say, it's already on its way to me, along with a few other pieces of the holiday collection! Likewise, I am on the lookout for Dior's 5 couleur gold palette . . .

  3. *snuggles Rae*

    Leigh, a combination of macro lens and luck ;)

    My Lumiere Sculptee review is coming up! I'm almost hyperventilating over the thought of missing out on that palette. My local Saks sold out of the Or lipstick and I had to order it from Nordstroms (apparently they only got three at that counter. I mean, really?!)

  4. Definitely going to get Rouge Carat when the holiday collection launches in London. Just out of curiosity what else did you get from Chanel holiday? I'm trying to edit down my list...

  5. Beautiful! I really want this polish and Lumiere Sculptee. I wish the highlighter would hurry up and show up on Neiman Marcus online! I've had Sweet Beige and Empire from the collection for a week but it will not stop RAINING!

  6. Hey Sylvie, I got the highlighting palette and Beige Lame, you'll see my review tomorrow :) I didn't get any of the lip stuff because red with pinks don't really agree with me, and the pink RAL didn't look good on my lips. I think the glossimers are pretty but I have a lot of them and after a while they start looking a little similar - have to save some money for other holiday items, if you catch my drift!

    PerilouslyPale, yes! you neeeeeds it :D

  7. Oh goodness. The more I see this polish, the more I want it. I originally edited it off my list of things to get from the holiday collection. Le sigh...

  8. That is a stunning colour, great choice


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