Sunday, October 30, 2011

NARS Hanamichi Kabuki Palette

I'm almost sorry to show this palette when it seems to be sold out everywhere. But one can always hope the powers that be are benevolent and produce more of these. I mean, give people a chance! It was sold out before I even received my package (I purchased mine from Nordstrom).

The NARS Hanamichi Kabuki palette is part of their limited edition Holiday gift offering. It was a surprise for me - had I not stumbled upon a chance link on Twitter I wouldn't even have known it existed. But it was one of those things that didn't require thought.  I snapped it up as soon as I saw it. 

The palette came with a black box (not pictured) and was housed in a matching velvet pouch secured with waxed string (is that what we call those?). Inside, you'll find the palette accompanied by the cutest mini hand-spun, wisteria-wrapped Kabuki eyebrush.

The palette itself contains three impressions of flowers in gold, red and black in a sea of white. I'm not sure what adjective I should use to describe the texture. It's not flat enough to be completely matte, perhaps velvet? The shades are soft and powdery (in a good way). I cringed when I touched the sponge to the shadows and thought I felt it disintegrate - but it didn't, and in fact swatched quite beautifully on the back of my hand. I can't wait to take the mini brush for a spin and try this on my eyes.

I (tentatively) take back what I said earlier about the palette being sold out everywhere. I checked some other sources and found on Temptalia that NARS will be putting the Holiday Gift collection up on sale on their website on November 1. I'm still quite seriously considering the Barney's exclusive brush set, and am now just waiting for people to talk me into/out of it. 

If you're interested in the Hanamichi Kabuki palette ($65), I suggest cyber-stalking come November 1 and placing your order without hesitation once it's listed. It's shaping up to be another one of those too sought after limited edition items. That said, I, for one, am happy I've escaped the anguish.


  1. Oh my god, that's gorgeous! I don't understand how you bring yourself to swatch things this pretty :P Hope this one will hold up better than Terre Indigo - I never would have been able to dust off that gorgeous gold overspray!

    I'm assuming that the colours go all the way through on this one, yeah?

  2. Looks amazing! I also don't know if I could ever bring myself to use this beautifully embossed products :)

    looking forward to seeing it on you.

  3. That is a really gorgeous palette! I love how they done it looking so pretty when looking at it and still is pretty when applied or swatched. :) Great post! Lovet. ;D

  4. pretty!! i really love the design.

  5. So beautiful! We don't get NARS here though so my wallet's safe ;) plus that red really throws me for a loop unless as a blush :)

  6. The design is so pretty!! I love the Japanese influence put into it. Looking forward to seeing some looks from you with these colors. ^^

  7. It is SUCH a pretty palette, but I'm on the fence about it. I'm not certain how I'd wear it, and I'm also not certain I could ever get myself to use it!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. I am so getting this November 1st...Love love love

  9. This is so pretty! Come Nov 1st this will be mine =)

  10. @Rae I didn't dig through the palette, but I'd assume it does! (though honestly, I've never been able to use a palette enough for that to matter :X)

    @Jen W I swatched the very edge! Stye is gone (I think) so I can work on eye looks again yay :D

    @Myrted me too! I'm happy it didn't disappoint in application

    @kellyyes :D

    @Paris B It's big enough to use as a blush :) but I think they meant it for the eyes. I'm trying to recall Kabuki makeup and I feel like there's always some red on the eyes, no?

    @tiffyama I'm a sucker for all things Japanese for sure!

    @Jessica :)

    @Vicki haha yay! I hope you get it

    @adthenshesmiled good luck!

  11. I'm fainting! I'm getting this from Selfridges when I get home to London!

  12. Your swatches...actually made me not want this O_o which is a good thing, because I can't be buying anything right now.

  13. I just checked Nordstrom, and it seems to be back in stock, so I hit the order button. I'm prepared to received a cancellation e-mail tomorrow, though.

    Actually, I saw this palette in the Washington Post Magazine over a month ago, and thought I had hallucinated the whole thing when I couldn't find a word on it in the blogosphere. Now it's blown up.

    The color combination is unique for an eye palette. Can't wait to see you make it work.

  14. Ty so much for coming up with another fab reviw. I would have to agree that it looks so gorgeous to use. I thought I read from the Non-Blonde that it was also available at Lord and Taylor. It has been sitting on my Nordstrom shopping cart since last night, am still having 2nd thoughts about a $65 eyeshadow palette.

  15. Nice palette but I know if I got it I would never touch it because it is so pretty!


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