Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dior Holiday 2011: Rouge Dior Or Étoilé

Rouge Dior Or Étoilé 217 was the one lipstick out of all the holiday collection offerings I was absolutely certain I needed even before I saw the actual product. If you recall, I mentioned that this lipstick was sold out at my local Saks counter before I got to it, and I went into full panic mode searching for it online to make sure I had mine before it's gone elsewhere. I've had a couple of terrible Dior regrets, the most recent being missing out on Vernis St. Tropez (on the day of its release I tried ordering it online but the website crashed; I tried getting it at boutiques but the promises of shipment fell flat. It was a thoroughly heartbreaking affair) and I was hell bent on making sure there wouldn't be any mistakes with Or Étoilé. 

Now it's safely in my hands, and no Dior regret indeed! As per Rouge Dior usual, it is housed in the chic rectangular midnight blue casing featuring the Dior cannage pattern. The lipstick itself is a shimmery gold that leans white and contains nearly imperceptible flecks of pink and blue microglitters.

It's not the most impressive when worn alone, but I never thought Dior meant for Or Étoilé to be anything other than a sheer layering color, an accentuation if you will. Case in point, when paired with Ara Red below, it adds another dimension to an already fabulous lip color. 

This combination is the most obvious choice considering Dior's holiday promo ad, but I have plenty of ideas for this little pot of gold (pun fully intended). I'm planning to layer it over nude and pink lipsticks to give them a little edge, or experiment with some of my Le Metier de Beaute lip cremes - imagine the possibilities! Don't you love it when a lone lipstick provides such infinite fun?

Dior Or Étoilé retails for $32 and should be available at most major department stores. I purchased mine from (which now provides free shipping and free returns on all orders).


  1. Hi Xiao!

    I literally *just* ordered this online from Nordstrom. I, too, was afraid of missing out on this beauty and didn't want to wait to order it. Thank goodness Nordie's offers free shipping on every order! It looks lovely on you and I am so excited to get mine. I have the same plans as you - layering it over some nudes. It looks gorgeous over Ara. Thanks for the great post!


    P.S. As always, you look lovely in the pics!

  2. You are the queen of lip color layering! A great color combo.

  3. I didn't think it looked like much...until I saw it on you! I won't be picking it up, but that combination was perfect!

  4. Every woman should have a beautiful gold in her stash be it lipstick or gloss. As you so rightly pointed out, the layering possibilities are infinite. Red, pink, coral, fuchsia, caramel, beige . . . The list just goes on and on. They all take on a new dimension when a bit of golden sparkle is added.

  5. Never, ever would have considered purchasing this (prior to seeing your post) but......I am! Definitely! Thank you :)

  6. Love this layering lippie on you! It's gorgeous with the red.

  7. I wasn't sure how I felt about this shade, but looking at it layered over red on you ... I suddenly feel like I need it!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. I don't comment often. Actually, this may be my first comment on your blog. I really wasn't expecting to see a lipstick that colour when I scrolled down, but you really sold it to me!

    You're stunning and this lipstick looks AWESOME on you, both on it's own and over the red. Hope to comment lots more!

  9. I initially went "eh? gold?" when I saw this but having used it the way you did over lip colours, its really quite special :) Problem for me is how the colour gets onto the gold lipstick though. I wipe it off, but it just bothers me :P

  10. @Kate awesome! Glad you'll be getting it :)

    @Jamilla Camel thanks!

    @lexi920 *curtsies* haha!

    @Isla aww thank you!

    @Eileen indeed! And everyone should have a little sparkle in their lives.

    @katie ooh yay

    @tiffyama thank you :) I think Ara Red can do no wrong

    @Jessica ;)

    @The Student's Guide To Nail Polish thank you! And yay, I'll look forward to your comments :D

    @Paris B I know! But that cannot be avoided I suppose :/ I use a lip brush and wipe it between swipes

  11. *hits order button* The gold is gorgeous, and you look gorgeous in the Ara/Or combo. Will you be posting more layering combinations?

  12. This is like a lipstick version of Chanel's Joues Contraste blushes in Rouge and Or (Byzance collection), layering the gold over a red.

    I have layered gold lipglosses over deeper shades before, but haven't tried a gold lipstick. Nice to see it in action. Yours is the first review I've seen. I'm considering the new quint (554 Couture Gold) released with the collection. Have you tried it yet?

  13. @Leigh Thanks!

    I'm constantly backlogged on the things I want to show so I don't know if I'll ever have time to go back to it :( who knows though, maybe a stroke of inspiration might do it :)

    @Leila Oh that makes so much sense! I want to whip out my Rouge and Or to do that now :D

    I've swatched Couture Golds over the back of my hand and wasn't particularly impressed. A little too frosty for my liking and I feel like there aren't enough nuances between them. I'm now waiting for the Armani Holiday eye palette!

  14. Oh I thought everyone who had those two blushes wore it that way!

    That's disappointing about Couture Golds, we don't have it yet, but I did find some new online swatches today and you're right, there's not enough difference between them. Regretting not buying last year's Five Golds palette. That one looked much better.

  15. Oh my ! The combination of Or Etoilé and Rouge Ara is just amazing ! I think i'm gonna buy both of them !


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