Thursday, October 13, 2011

Butter London Toff

Aaaaaand we have a winner! Just in the nick of time too. Rola gets the virtual monthlong supply of Emergen-C with the correct guess of Butter London Toff. May you never have to reach for a real packet.

I love that the answers from yesterday's Guess What were so varied. Out of all the answers I only had Rescue Beauty Lounge Bruised on hand, so I whipped it out for a little comparison.

Top-bottom: RBL Bruised, BL Toff

L-R: BL Toff, RBL Bruised

Very close, but not quite. Bruised is just a smidge of a tone darker. 

Now for the goodness of Toff. I mentioned some months ago that I will own it - now I do, and it's brilliant. Toff is Butter London at its best. Smooth application, opacity (I did two coats just because, but you could easily get away with one), insert all adjectives for a good polish and it's right here in this dusty rose bottle. 

Toff retails for $14 and is available at and various other e-tailers. I purchased mine at, and they still have the nifty buy two get one free offer going on. I say take full advantage of it!


  1. Omg gorg! This is a beautiful color :) I've got to get my hands on it. You may have sucked me into Ulta's sale...crap!

  2. Very nice post beholde poste sånt ...!!

  3. "Dusty rose" is a lovely description. It sounds like it would be easier to wear on the hands than Bruised. By the way, have you taken advantage of the RBL BiB pre-order yet? I ended up getting the whole batch except for Locavore, and added Iconoclast. What a haul!

  4. I'm a sucker for dusty roses :) I did the same (also sans Locavore) and added Dead Calm. I reaaaally wanted sheer nude, but it sold out the night before.

  5. Dead Calm is a great choice. As for Sheer Nude, I guess at least we both know what we're going to be voting for in the next BiB contest.

  6. Thank you, Xiao. I own this polish and love it!


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