Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ten Second Neutral Eye Look

I'm not even kidding. They say summer is supposed to be easy, so I racked my brain to find the easiest way to do an eye look. All you need is something like Le Métier de Beauté Dualistic Eye Pencil in Champagne and your finger.

Swipe it onto the lid.

Blend with finger.

Clean up with concealer. Add a natural mascara (Burberry Effortless Mascara in Midnight Black is my go-to for a "natural lash" look) if desired.

Twenty seconds, tops.

P.S. Everyone wish the Boss Bandit Rae a happy happy birthday! In honor of you, soulmate, I shall flail for the next 24 hours, no matter how strangely people look at me.


  1. I have this and love it! I originally purchased for a liner but it didn't look right... it's the BEST SHADOW BASE EVER though. Champagne + Corinthian = LOVE

  2. I use my Aqua Shadow 20E for the same purpose! Love how no brush is required for such a look!

  3. I bought this Champagne pencil because of you several months ago and love it! Love this quick look!!!

  4. I use champagne as a liner for my waterline to get rid of the glaring pink that it shows. I love it for that. On occasion I use it as a base for shadows...but I love how it looks on you and how you apply it.

  5. Do these blend out that easily? Wow. Every time I try a pencil type shadow, I feel like I have to tug on my eye lid to blend...which means I give up.

  6. So pretty! I've been enjoying this kind of look lately; but of course (said with a French accent), it takes me longer than ten seconds. I still use 2 eyeshadows (a base & a contour) and then some mascara.

    I *really* love the colour of this pencil <3. Do you get any creasing at all? How long does it last on you?

  7. It's a lot darker that I would think a typical champagne color would be...doesn't mean it's not gorgeous though--especially on you Xiao!!! But then again, what isn't?! :P

  8. Brooke- Yeah it doesn't work well as a liner for me, but as a base it's awesome.

    Sunny- :)

    Jane- Yay!

    Elvira- Ooh cool idea. Thanks!

    Larie- It really does!

    dani- It lasts all day, I think. The Dualistic Pencil formula has this thing in it that makes it stick to the eyelid (which is why it's partly meant as a base for shadows). I think on its own on really oily days, it creases after 8 hours.

    time4beauty- :D

    Becca- Yeah i think it would make more sense if it's called "taupe". Thank youuuuu <3

  9. Oh wow, this eye pencil must be very good! This looks very easy but I am not sure I'd be able to blend it as nice as you :)

  10. Oh so pretty! I'm surprised (or not surprised) at how well this blended! 10 seconds is something worth aspiring to; I'm happy even with 10 minutes!

  11. It's super easy and will take only 5 minutes of my time!

  12. This is brilliant!
    I've put the e/l on my Fantasy Wish List.


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