Sunday, July 1, 2012

Reads of the Week, 7.1.12

Fall collections are rolling in, thus the beauty blogosphere collectively ruffles its semi-dormant wings. Some posts that caught my eye this week:

Dain from Ars Aromatica writes about Laura Mercier.

Sabrina of The Beauty Look Book reviews Diwali from the latest Chanel exclusive collection Bombay Express de Chanel, and I must thank her again because her comprehensive post made me safe from another $30 nail polish.

Best Things in Beauty reviews Chanel Brume d'Or.

Danielle of Bloomin' Beauty delivers another stunning comparison post of items from MAC Heavenly Creatures. I can look at her arm all day.

That temptress Brooke of BlushingNoir gives us an early look of pieces from Dior Golden Jungle.

British Beauty Blogger updates her site almost feverishly, and it would be hard to single out just one post if not for, um, elephant palettes!

While not directly related to beauty, I love Creature of Design's overview of Preen Resort 2013.

Drivel About Frivol examines minimalistic makeup, reminding me that sometimes makeup can not be frivolous.

Larie of Eye Heart It writes about my favorite drugstore brushes, EcoTools.

Jessica of Getting Cheeky has very enviable lips, this time showcasing MAC Cut A Caper.

Paris of My Women Stuff shares her wisdom on choosing a blog name (and in case you're interested, the story about Messy Wands is here.)

Gaia of The Non Blonde reviews new Edward Bess lipsticks.

TheNotice's short and sweet news update contains everything I'm looking forward to – fall makeup and the Avengers on Blu-Ray. (Who's your favorite? Dibs on Jeremy Renner!)

Time 4 Beauty previews the new YSL nail lacquers.

Hope you had a wonderful week!


  1. I know the point of this post is the links below (and thank you for the shout out!) but seriously. Can we all pause and drool over the stash photo?!

  2. Please tell me where that case you are showing in your pic comes from? That would be perfect for me.

  3. I found your blog via The Beauty Look Book. Thanks for all the links... Perfect reads to enjoy my Sunday morning with a cup of coffee :)
    I'm a following you now. Have a nice Sunday!

  4. temptress in da houseeeeeeeee lol ty for the linkage!

  5. PS - I'm stealing ALL of those LMdB glosses. you can't say I didn't warn you

  6. Thanks for the link love, Xiao! And holy moly, your stash photo. So elegant.

  7. Danielle- Thanks for noticing :P

    Jo- I bought it from Levenger a couple of years ago. I don't know if they still have it but here's to hoping!

    Chris El- Welcome to Messy Wands :) and thanks for following!

    Brooke- Come to New York and we'll talk.

    Larie- that's just the drawer on my table, which is 85% covered with makeup x_x my laptop is at the corner screaming "halp!!" hahaha

  8. I have to echo what Danielle said. Thank you for the shout out ... but good god I'm distracted by the beauty that is the photograph at the top!!

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Hah, I wasn't expecting to see my name up there! Thanks for the link, Xiao. Fashion is just as important as beauty, for a fabulous face needs a fabulous outfit to go with it.

    I hope you'll keep this feature going. I like seeing what you have your eye on!

  10. Thanks so much for the link love Xiao! <3 I echo everyone. Your collection looks so elegant! You have now inspired me to look for something sturdier and prettier for my dresser instead of ugly plastic >.<

  11. Jessica- Anytime, love!

    Leigh- Your fashion posts are awesome. I love your sense of style :) (though, can't afford ANYTHING :x that's why I prefer beauty heh)

    Paris B- <3 I want to show the rest but they don't photograph well. Looks like... an unruly pile of makeup. I actually love Muji stuff and can't wait to get a job and my own apartment and fill it with Muji drawers!

  12. Guh. Oh my god, that stash photo! Your collection is seriously lemming-inducing, soulmate. <3

    (Thank you for the link love! And as for your question... I AM IRON MAN.)

    (But seriously, though. I adore all of the actors, but if I had to choose a character, I'm going for the genius.)


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