Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dior Fall 2012: Golden Savannah and Wild

It's a pity/blessing my Dior items came just after my Giorgio Armani and Chanel ones, because while you know I have much love for the brand, the two items I sampled from their fall collection are pretty, but relatively adequate. 

Swatched from darkest to lightest shade, under really strong direct sunlight

First, there's the '5 Couleurs' Eyeshadow Palette in 774 Golden Savannah. This is probably a personal affliction: I like the idea of khaki and jungle tones, but in reality they're not my strong suit. While I have to say Golden Savannah is perhaps the most flattering khaki palette I've ever worn, the effect pales in comparison to when I have GA ETK Intense #24 on.


L-R: Dior Wild, Chanel Troublant

Dior 'Addict' Lipstick in 646 Wild reminded me of a lighter, lipstick version of Chanel Troublant. While this might not be apparent from the product photo, the lipstick features little flecks of microshimmer. On my lips it comes off as a light, almost-my-lips rose with hints of plum.

I can see it going well with fall eye stuff, or just as a MLBB shade, but you know, budgets and stuff. The Dior 'Addict' Lipstick formula is notoriously short-wearing, and I think it fades within three hours on me. Coupled with how close it is compared to Chanel Troublant when on the lips...

Sensibility is not my forte, so once again I implore you to help me decide. Try something else or stick with this? Is it really similar to Chanel Troublant?

Dior '5 Couleurs' Eyeshadow Palette in 774 Golden Savannah retails for $59 and Dior 'Addict' Lipstick in 646 Wild goes for $30, available at all Dior counters (but not Sephora).


  1. I'm loving the Dior Addict in Wild. Absolutely loving it. Plus, it's super flattering on you! My lips aren't as pigmented as yours so I hope it looks just as good on me!

  2. Return! Think of all the ADDICTION and THREE you could get instead ;) Saw your twitter. BTW those are love -- I have some ADDICTION shadows and 3 eyeliner pencils :)

  3. I got these two items from the Dior fall collection as well and the khaki and green colors in the Golden Jungle quint are right up my alley. I played around with them the day I bought it home and the look I created was sooo me for fall. I know, I'm going to get a lot of use. I do have both Wild and Troublant and I must admit I love Troublant better for the fall, but that doesn't stop my love for Wild.

  4. They both look gorgeous! The shades are similar enough that for me, it would depend on which I preferred to apply and/or reapply: a stick or a wand gloss.

    Just so you know, I already have Troublant, and now I'm thinking about the Dior. ARGH!!!

  5. I say return! The Armani ETK is way better, and the lipstick is nice on you but again it looks too similar to other stuff you have. Then use the money to get that Becca gloss....

  6. Annick- I bet it will :)

    stephanie- OH I made such a huge dent in my pocket for my CP that I think I have to add things to my blog sale...

    Liz's Closet- That's awesome! Glad the quint did you well.

    Poppy Buxom- Hehe.

    Trakee- /fistpump voices of reason! At this rate we might as well do a Bandit post on that gloss

  7. Arrrghgh, pretty! I don't care that I just got Troublant, I REALLY want Wild! It's a bit sheerer, and I LOVE my sheer lippies! :D

  8. you won't regret it! both ADDICTION and THREE make gorgeous things. some of the most precious things in my stash.


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