Thursday, July 26, 2012

NARS Fall 2012: High Society Eyeshadow Trio and Amsterdam Pure Matte Lipstick

If you've been reading Messy Wands for some time now, you probably remember my NARS dilemma – I love everything when a new collection comes out, but end up using them just once or twice. The company makes good stuff and is especially good about going against trends, or at least surprising us with some unexpected pieces for every seasonal collection, so I'm not sure what's going on with my usage pattern.

L-R: High Society Trio swatched right to left

Perhaps I'm just not as adventurous about makeup as I thought I was? What a depressing thought.

L-R: More Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil, Amsterdam Pure Matte Lipstick

On short notice, the only way I could pull off High Society Eyeshadow Trio was using the two purples on the lids/crease and forest green on the bottom lash line. Pigmentation was good, though I'd rank the lilac lavender as best. The other two seems a little patchy in comparison.

Anyway, I broke the "rule" about focusing on either eyes/lips by pairing the trio with Amsterdam Pure Matte Lipstick. It turned out fine in pictures, but in real life... let's just say the boyfriend saw me coming out of my room and shrieked. (Of course, that turned out to be so much fun that nowadays I just do the craziest looks and stick my face in front of his.) As far as Pure Mattes go, Amsterdam is by far the least drying (thus best) one I've tried.

NARS High Society Eyeshadow Trio retails for $45, while Amsterdam Pure Matte Lipstick goes for $25. Both are available at, which currently offers free shipping on all orders.


  1. if you like mattes, ADDICTION makes the best mattes I've tried :)

  2. You look gorgeous, Xiao! I am very undecided about this collection. I love the idea behind many pieces, but I also heard that some of them don't work too well. What a pity!

  3. Oh haiiii, pretty lady!

    I've still yet to get anything from NARS... I mean, the photos always look good; but by the time I get around to seeing it firsthand, they just don't... Inspire me? I dunno, there must be something wrong with me. :p

    Amsterdam looks gorgeous on you, darling!

  4. Hey Gorgeous Cheekz! Love Amsterdam on you! I love it too! I took a look at the trio and it is pretty, but got the duo instead. For me I never like the NARS promos and then when swatches of stuff start circulating I want the whole collection. But then I go see it in person, and my first reaction is always right. I try to think whether I am really going to get enough use out of the stuff to justify getting them. If the answer is no, then it stays. Also with NARS eyeshadows, if the pigmentation sucks, it's a deal breaker. I'd rather put my money towards Burberry makeup ya' know?

  5. I ended up ordering vent glace duo, outlaw blush, and autumn leaves lipstick. I haven't had much luck with NARS in the past but after completely skipping spring and summer I decided to give it a shot again. I LOVE Amsterdam on you!

  6. NARS doesn't usually excite me either, except for the lip products. I do like that they're innovative, as well, but if I'm not going to use it...shrug. Just not happening. I like Amsterdam, a lot, but I really feel like there are too many Pure Matte reds in the line.

  7. Gorgeous lipcolour. I have similar feelings about NARS: they are good but I always reach for something that is slightly better (Burberry, RBR, etc).
    As for the shrieking boyfriend: must be in the name of the lipstick- Amsterdam can be scary for some people ;D

  8. You're so beautiful Xiao! The whole looks is perfection :)

  9. You look absolutely gorgeous. However, if you only really plan to keep one item I think I'd do Amsterdam because I think it looks beautiful on you. The eye palette looks a bit meh to me and just looking at your swatches, I'd pass on them coz once its blended I thought it looked a bit muddy. Just me :)

  10. The trio catch my attention! You look so sexy with red lips :)

  11. stephanie- hahaha you're EVIL! (and yes I agree. Have been testing out the cheek sticks. I CRY thinking how beautiful they are)

    Sunny- I am still very undecided about this collection >< and all NARS collections for that matter. I don't know what it is that hooks me everytime, but I don't end up using anything!

    dani- Nope! You just have better restraint and sense, other half. Pass me some :D

    Tracy- Voice of reason! /clings

    Christa- Oooh dipping your toes into NARS again :) Well, I hope you like them!

    Larie- Voice of reason no.2!

    birkinbagbeauty- He's okay with red lips. But red lips and purple eyes at 1pm was scary.

    Rae- <3 soulmate!

    Becca- Aw you <3

    Paris- Voice of reason no.3 - Sold!

    memoiselle- thank you, my dear :)


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