Monday, July 30, 2012

Makeup So Good I Want To Cry: Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick in Revenge

Oh boy, I'm so excited.

L-R: Addiction Cheek Sticks in Revenge and Amazing

These Addiction by Ayako Cheek Sticks have been all I wanted to use since I received them in the mail last week (thank you Momo-chan!). The nudge, or more accurately, shove off the Addiction cliff was due to The Driveller Kate and Glossed in Translation

Revenge blended out and swatched

Addiction Cheek Sticks are basically NARS Multiples, but creamier, more blendable, and well, wait till you see it on lips. To use, simply dab a little on the cheeks and blend out with fingers. Apply as usual to lips. Revenge is, to put it crudely, a reddish coral shade.

Notice how dry those lips are

And how glowy and un-dry they've become

These Cheek Sticks make me want to cry, because while I am dramatic about makeup like that, I also think good makeup deserves a good bawling on. This is the only moisturizing matte lipstick I've ever worn, and it stays on until you decide you have to eat or drink. The only downside to them is they come in a limited shade range, and of the ones available it seems only three of them will show up on my skin.

Oh, and the other terrible thing is Addiction is only available in Japan. There's always the Ichibankao option, which unfortunately marks them up about $14 from the original price. For more drooling, visit Addiction's website.


  1. Noooooo! Why must you tempt me so?!? I can't stand the idea of buying off a site like that with crazy mark-ups & then waiting for it to arrive (I have no patience!) & the whole time being worried that it won't look anything like in the pictures...this is why I have yet to try anything from Suqqu or Addiction--but I want to SOOOOO badly! The reviews for them are ALWAYS good.

  2. GORGEOUS!!!!! I absolutely need to check out this brand!

  3. Ugh, Xiao, I kind of hate you. These are so amazingly, incredibly beautiful, and then you have to tell me they're next to impossible to get in the States?! *sob*


    A moisturizing matte lipstick? That's seriously amazing. The shades you have are so pretty, too! How do these wear on the cheeks?

  5. Bahhh I wants. You need to supply us Cheekz!
    That first pic of you-I want an 8X10 please. SO CUTE.

  6. Ahh xiao! You look really cute :) and yes it looks moisturising and glowy!

  7. You look like a cutie on the first pic! I never heard of these, but they look great, like a lipstick. I'm not the biggest fan of products that are supposed to serve multiple purposes, because they mostly lack on one of them, but these seem to work on both! Such a big fan of Revenge!

  8. did you try the e/s?

  9. AH :) Very pretty multiple! I love makeup that's versatile like that. :D It's worth crying over!

  10. That color is amazing. Oh, why aren't they sold in the US?

  11. It's the best!
    (perhaps until I get Addiction Rose Bar from them...when does Ichibankao open again, darn)

    Totally LOL & ♥ ♥ ♥ the fun pictures you put up

  12. AHAHAHAHAHH I was not expecting that first picture of you! Thanks for putting a grin on my face :D These sound amazing, I love it when multitasking products can actually multitask, so often lip+cheek products are too drying to be worn all the lips. And the colors! So very gorgeous.

  13. Becca- I have to say. These are DEFINITELY worth it.

    Brooke- Yeah dude, you do.

    Amy- I'm sorry /sheepish grin

    dani- At the end of the day you can still see a little, which translates to quite amazing on my part, considering that my forehead was basically an oil puddle.

    Trakee- hahahaha. Maybe for christmas I'll send that pic over as a postcard. Wouldn't that give the postman something to chuckle about

    memoiselle- Thank you!

    katherine- thanks!

    Bellachique- They are GREAT on both!

    stephanie- Wearing them in the post!

    Rainy Days And Lattes- oh there were much tears

    Anonymous- the best things seem to be exclusive to Japan :(

    birkinbagbeauty- I think in a few days, but ouch the price ><

    Morzelz- Teehee! Yes, I would give it more points just because it can actually multitask. The thing is it's called a "cheek stick" and not really branded as a multi-use thing (at least I don't think). It just happens that it works fabulously on the lips as well.

  14. Why are you so cute! (And why are those Cheek Sticks so gorgeous... Must NOT go and try to find out whether it's possible to get this brand delivered to Finland...)

  15. You're mean. You're plain mean, Xiao! I had to check if this brand is available in Taipei, but it isn't even! Gaaah I want some!

  16. Lol what a funny face. These multi-tasking sticks are on my 'must-try' list.

  17. If I could select another Japanese brand to be launched in the US, it would be Addiction. I have several of the single eyeshadows and some palettes and have never been disappointed by the color or the quality. I'm fortunate to have a friend who travels to Japan, so I'm always sending her off with a cheerful bon voyage and a shopping list. I guess a couple of these sticks will be on the next one :-)

  18. Hi Xiao,

    Just chance upon your website. Of the more than half a dozen photos of you, I thought you look the most stunning in this lipstick colour.


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