Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Update (and ooh nail wheels!)

(all pictures can be clicked to enlarge)

I spent the last weekend in Vermont and experienced firsthand a sort of modern rustic American lifestyle. I hiked, I ate eggs straight from the chicken, we sat around a campfire with a guitar at night, we had waffles with oodles of local butter, fruit, and maple syrup. Then, I came back to the city and it became a little tough to get back to the swing of things, largely because the phoneless, Internet-less trip was perfect to ignore a few brewing problems (such as having to get a job within the next 51 days or I'll have to leave the States). It's been three days and I'm still finding new insect bites. Those are uncomfortable.

Most bloggers will tell you nail polish posts are the easiest to write, so what better to make myself get back into blogging again than a plethora of polishes? These (shamefully) aren't all of my nail lacquers. There's another shoe-box-full that I haven't managed to swatch. The reason I nail wheeled it (read this ala Barney Stinson. I chuckled) is so I know what polishes I actually own and what to avoid buying more of. It's been as helpful as I thought it would be and I've started wearing long forgotten colors again.

Butter London



Le Métier de Beauté

Rescue Beauty Lounge

Rescue Beauty Lounge

I didn't intend to label them, since this is really just an "ooh colors!" kind of post, but if you want to know the name of a specific color, I'll try my best to reply you in the comments.


  1. ALL THE PRETTY COLOURS! I just bought nail sticks myself. Easier to organize and reorganize for my little neat freak heart.
    Sorry to hear about your job stress! Hope you can find a position soon :<

  2. Cheekz MUST get a job! It has to happen! Keeping my fingers crossed!
    I should get these wheels myself -it's a good idea!
    And that mini vacation sounded like so much fun! Especially the waffles and butter part.

  3. I hope you find the job of your dreams in a timely manner, because I love your blog!

  4. So many pretty colors! Good luck with the job search, hope that resolves itself soon and helps to relieve your stress!

  5. Look at all the pretty! Could you tell me what shade that shimmery nude/taupe Butter London one is? (second from the bottom on the left)

  6. Thanks for the well wishes, guys. I'm trudging on with the search even though it's kind of soul-crushing :/

    dani- I didn't even have to check :P All Hail The Queen. It's a nude/taupe holo and my fav bL shade!

  7. Xiao, that's a LOT of LMDB polishes! :) I love the green at the left LMDB wheel :) Do you know any cheaper alternative to that polish?
    Btw good luck with your job search :)

  8. Love the pics!! What's the shimmery lavender-leaning gray BL?

  9. memoiselle- I don't know about specific dupes, but I think Zoya might have something?

    Kristina- That's No More Waity, Katie (such unfortunate naming, but yeah ><)


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