Friday, July 27, 2012

NARS Fall 2012: Vent Glacé Eyeshadow Duo and More Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil

L-R: Vent Glacé swatched right to left

L-R: More Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil, Amsterdam Pure Matte Lipstick

More Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil

Surprisingly (considering how much more colorful High Society and Amsterdam are), the Vent Glacé Eyeshadow Duo and More Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil are the more interesting aspects of NARS fall for me. They seem made to be paired together, and when done so, produces an ice queen-ish vibe that I'm oddly giddy about. 

Vent Glacé consists of a frosty silver white and a beige/brown/gray shade (even after playing with it for a week, I still cannot pinpoint the exact color). For some reason, when I first applied it to my lid over NARS eyeshadow base, the silver was patchy and refused to blend. On my second try, it was fine. I guess it was an eyelid fluke? The More pencil is an auburn that is decidedly unique to my stash. It was a pleasure to apply and wear, as is expected from the Velvet Gloss formula.

Vent Glacé Eyeshadow Duo retails for $34, while More Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil goes for $24. Both are available at, which currently offers free shipping on all orders.


  1. I'm quite keen to try the nars lip pencil things but would prefer if they were twist up. I don't like having to buy a sharpener for a fat pencil just for this :p

  2. I like the duo lots too! Both of these look lovely on you!

  3. I was completely uninterested in Vent Glace until I saw it on you! Granted I still don't know how well it'd function on its own for my skin tone, that taupe shade is preeeety!

  4. NARS duo is always amazing! I am not sure whether I should get this one. Do you think this will look frosty on fair skinned asian?

  5. loves me some NARS! I've been layering and using the duo over everything since I got it!

  6. Paris- Me too!! In fact everything should be twist-ups. Sharpening is such a pain.

    Trakee- :)

    Sunny- I think it'll look great! (but erm, only if you like being an ice queen)

    Liz- Thanks Lizbob! Xiao Bob doesn't seem to work :P

    memoiselle- I'm a fair-skinned Asian and I think it's fine :)

    Brooke- hahaha I can see that happening

  7. That lip pencil looks ridiculously amazing on you. Is there ANY color that you don't look good in?!?


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