Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick #12 Hiwada

Finally. Fi-nal-ly. While I won't deny that there are perks to not having a functional computer, after four days my fingers were starting to get withdrawal symptoms. These digits need to run across a keyboard on a regular basis! Anyway, here we are again, and it is my pleasure to introduce on Messy Wands the highly sought after Japanese brand: Suqqu. 

I've read about this brand time and time again, from bloggers such as Jamilla Camel, Joey Chong, and The Black Panties, and with each post comes a new agonizing longing. Near the end of my winter break, I had the opportunity to transit in London for a few days before I headed back to the States, and you should see how I jumped at the chance. I didn't even make a list of things I had to do/see/eat when I was in London. All I had was "go play with Suqqu."

The result was hauling in epic proportions, and what emerged (among many things) was a lipstick formula I am pretty sure will be the standard from which I measure all my lipsticks. The verdict so far: nothing beats it.

The formula in question is the Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick, pictured above in #12 Hiwada. You know that frustrating yet delectable feeling of stumbling upon something you've been searching for the longest time? I've been looking for a pale nude lipstick that didn't wash me out to no avail, and this just falls into my lap.

The lipstick is extremely emollient, but not in the way that threatens clown lips if you aren't careful. One swipe is really all you should do, because any more than that might get a little heavy (and at those prices, you should save every bit of lipstick you can). After it settles, the lipstick feels so weightless that I often forget I have it on till I glimpse a lip mark on a discarded napkin. I wanted so desperately to get one of every shade after using this for the first time, but since one hue to another from the brand's permanent line is so similar, I couldn't justify having more than what I currently own.

Ingredient list for those who might need it:

A little Googling led me to this site, which contains swatches of all eighteen of Suqqu's permanent Creamy Glow Lipsticks. I don't know if it's entirely color accurate (in my opinion, the colors are too light in those pictures), but I figured it's at least some kind of resource. Consult at your own risk!

The Suqqu brand is very limited in availability. Other than Japan, the only other two places with counters are London and Bangkok. Thankfully, we poor souls are still able to get our hands on select pieces from websites like and The latter features better pricing, and 10 percent off your first purchase if you subscribe to their newsletter, but the former stocks a larger array of products. 

As fair warning (before you use that precious 10 percent coupon), I should let you know I will be featuring more Suqqu items throughout the month. Do stay tuned!


  1. "hauling in epic proportions" ---> My heart fluttered and thudded at the same time. :)

    Lisa Eldridge mentions Suqqu a lot and I've been curious. Lucky girl!

  2. The colour looks so gorgeous on you! Looks very juicy :)

  3. That is a beautiful lipstick - looking forward to seeing the rest of your purchases!

  4. That really is gorgeous, Xiao! I'm a lipstick fiend, and your post is pushing all my buttons.

  5. Liz- I'm just sad I'm not in London anymore :(

    Phoebe Limanta- best lipstick everrrrr

    Project Swatch- thank you for reading!

    Leigh- Then you *have to* get one of these to try. If only it came in a bigger array of shades, I would willingly trade every single one of my lipsticks for the Suqqu formula :(

  6. OK, now I'm seriously intrigued! This gives me a good reason to hop over the English strait! Can't wait to see the rest of your Suqqu stuff! I've heard they make a mean eyeshadow palette!

  7. Lovely! Fingers (and toes) crossed, I'll be able to make a trip to London this year. I'll be sure to have a look at the Suqqu products, for sure!

  8. I have never heard of this brand. I like the color on you. Texture seems creamy too.

  9. That lipstick is FANTASTIC!! Can't wait to see the rest of the epic haul!! I really enjoyed meeting up with you in London!

  10. I love that Suqqu is rising in popularity, I bought my first quad about a year ago and I've been hooked ever since!

    I totally agree about the lipstick formula (from what I've read, most people who've tried it now claim ti's the best) - I recently bought ichijiku (one of the two reds in the line) and I am obsessed with how weightless yet long-lasting it is!

    I seriously can't wait to see the rest of your haul.

  11. Glad you're back! And really looking forward to the Suqqu reviews. The blog "drivel about frivol" also recently had a review and quite a few swatches of the creamy glow lipsticks, so you could add that to your links.

  12. GORGEOUS! Need to check these out. BTW, I saw a model in a magazine that looked just like you! I need to send you the pic.

  13. This shade is incredibly beautiful!!!! One could expect no less from SUQQU though...I might swatch that if I pass a counter...

  14. Sunny- they do, but I think the eyeshadow quad formula is quite specific to a certain demographic's preference.

    dani- I'm crossing mine for you too!

    Girlie Blogger- super creamy!

    Jamilla- I enjoyed meeting with you too :)

    Lizzie- I didn't buy Ichijiku (is it #17?) because it didn't suit my skintone, and I didn't buy #18 because I have too many reds. Have to say my fingers are itching though.

    alice- Thanks for the suggestion!

    nikki- Hahaha that's incredibly flattering. I would love to see it.

    Beauty Box- do! Oh what I would give to have constant access to a counter...

  15. The lip color looks soooooo pretty on you!! Not only your lip but the eyes are very beautiful too!! Do you mind telling us what you used for the eyes? Can't wait to meet more of the Suqqus!! Thanks for sharing ^^

  16. Gosh I tempted to try these out. They come to about $42 USD,so I MUST make the right color choices. =)

  17. wow, all of the colors on the site you mentioned are beautiful! Wish I could get them here in the states....Maybe its a good thing as I would probably end up too many similar colors. thank you so much!!

  18. I saw the Suquu counter when I was in London. GULP. I just couldn't do it. There were too many other things I wanted to get there as well!
    Beautiful colour on you!

  19. I've heard nothing but good things about Suqqu! Yet the price tag on some items still leaves me cringing hahaha.

  20. It looks almost mauvey on you! And have I ever told you how much I like your product shots? That soft fur against the sleek black case... :)

  21. Jenny- I used a Suqqu palette for the eyes :) Feature soon!

    Anon- yes!

    cytaormina- we can! Both and ships to the US

    Tracy- haha Suqqu was just about the only thing i bought when i was there

    Maggie- yes :( which was why I couldn't justify owning more than a few shades of the lipstick. Doesn't make sense to get more than one of every color group since they're so similar (though kicking myself now for not getting one from the pink group)

    Rocaille- Thank you, Rocaille!

  22. ohhh these are so beautiful! I've seen these on other blogs, and have been lemming them for awhile. I've got my eye on the red shade (of course), I think it's number 18. #12 would be more practical, but I always find myself gravitating towards red. I have a problem o.O

    Glad you found your perfect nude!

  23. @Xiao - Yup, Ichijiku is #17 - in general I tend to go for the bolder shades because I find them more interesting, and I think in winter especially I prefer dramatic lips.

    However the Suqqu formula is so nice that I'll have to look at their other more natural shades. The idea of 16 choices of seemingly quite similar shades is quite daunting though :/.
    However, I am lucky to have the London counter nearby, so I can swatch and try on to my heart's content (and then buy 5 of them because I can't decide anyway...)



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