Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

Hello all. Apologies for the silence. I just moved to a new place this weekend and amidst the scramble of making it liveable, I left my laptop charger in my boyfriend's bag and to my chagrin, only found out as his Boston-bound bus was pulling out of the sidewalk. I considered purchasing a replacement, but $70+ can be put to much better use (like, um, buying makeup), especially if I only needed to wait till Tuesday to get said charger back.

So while I gnaw my fingernails (figuratively. Never bite your nails!) in anticipation of repossessing my now-defunct laptop, let's talk. I want to know what everyone thinks of the Spring collections at counters now. My damage is very minimal for this season. I only acquired three items: Dior Rosy Glow, the Waterlily polish, and Guerlain Cruel Gardenia. As ever, and especially due to the daily braving of biting cold, I am now looking forward to Summer.

Also, Happy Chinese New Year everyone!


  1. Happy Chinese New Year!!! I was lucky to snag a Cruel Gardenia and wore it today for the first time. LOVE.

  2. Only three??? How did you manage? To be fair, I thought my own damage would also be minimal because I don't care for the traditional pastel spring palette. But this season all sorts of different concepts came out, and I found myself picking up a little of this and a little of that. Some highlights: Cruel Gardenia of course, Bobbi Brown Ultra Nude Eye Palette, Armani Eye Palette 2 and Tourmaline Blush, YSL Glossy Stains, and the gorgeous topaz eye palette and bronzer from Estee Lauder. My favorite collections were NARS and Laura Mercier.

    Still on my list is Rosy Glow, and I would also get Waterlily if it weren't scented. Such a pity, though there are quite a few pale green polishes out this season.

    Overall, I am very pleased with the spring collections. There's a lot of variety, and I'm thrilled that the color of the season is tangerine. Like I told Charlestongirl, I adore oranges/corals, but always had a hard time finding shades that worked for my coloring. This season, though, there should be no excuse!

    I hope your new place is lovely, and warm!

  3. Kung Hei Fat Choy! That's how the Chinese in the Philippines would say during this time of the year. I hope this year of the water dragon finds you well. I have you to thank for being my enabler on all things pretty particularly LMdB ;)

    I've made quite a damage on the spring collection. All those pretty things! Eye candies galore! My most anticipated of course is the Northern Lights Kaleidoscope Eye Kit from LMdB. Have you seen the pic? I think it's going to be amazing.

    Anyhoo, can't wait until you're back to blogging. I have to say my day is not complete without your blog on my google reader.

    xo, Emilie @

  4. Happy Lunar New Year!! Yep, I flew to Muscat for a month and left my laptop power supply at home. Had to buy a new one in Muscat. I feel your pain!

  5. Gong Hey Fat Choy! I haven't found myself completely enamored with the spring collections either, but do think there were a few choice products. I picked up Cruel Gardenia, Rouge G in Rose Ensoleille (which I did not think I'd like but ended up loving!),Dior Rosy Glow blush, Estée Lauder's Topaz Mosaic palette as well as their Topaz Chameleon gelee bronzer. I thought I was being good till I pre-purchased the new LMbD spring kaleidoscopes today. There went my self-restraint out the window! Not sure if those are good tidings for this new year but at least I have those pretties!

  6. Happy Chinese New Year! This spring has been a very expensive season for me, and its not over yet!!!! I have spent more $$ than winter. I love all the pops of colors! The LMDB eye, lip, and blush kits are going to cost me a few$$ too.

  7. And a Happy Chinese New Year to you, too. Here's wishing your Year of the Water Dragon is filled with good health, prosperity, and enlightenment.

    From the spring collections I purchased Éclosion, Grenat, and Horizon from Chanel; Cruel Gardenia, Rose Piquant, Rose Innocent, and Rose Ensoliellé from Guerlain. The spring palettes really suit my coloring and skin tone.

  8. Hi, Where is everyone seeing/buying the new Spring LMDB Kaleidoscopes? Is it somewhere online? Thanks

  9. Ditto, who what when and where do I call for the new LMDB kaleidoscopes??? Xiao, you created a LMDB monster here !!!

  10. Here is the info on the new LMDB eye kaleidoscope called Northern Lights. It has a satin/matte naked sunset "Ionic*, a pale shimmering skyline blue "Sky", blazing copper penny "Magnetic", and a satin/matte twilight violet "Equinox*, $95.00

    The blush colors are a satin peach, matte rose pink, shimmery highlighter, and a cool pink, $95.00

    Lip kaleidoscope, Illuminate- shimmering hot pink/w/a sheer finish, Voltaic-satiny nude mauve, Dynamos-effervescent coral tangerine and Eos-opaque fuschia.

    Another Eye Kit coming in April as well as face kit in May

  11. I have pics up on my blog of the LMDB eye and lip kit if you all want to see. You can just click my name or copy and paste link. They are only stock pics
    just scroll down a bit

  12. Thanks nikki and cytaormina. Where can they be ordered from? Thanks

  13. You can do pre orders only. They wont be in till the end of february. I am doing my pre order through

    Alexandra Napolitano "Alyx"
    Le Métier de Beaute Product Specialist
    Neiman Marcus Las Vegas
    702-722-7400 cell email

  14. Man, you guys are amazing. I saw the info at a Neiman's training session (dropped in on SA training lol) but I wasn't sure If I am allowed to share the information. I wonder if the Feb release date still holds true though, considering the Jet Set collection hasn't even arrived in stores.

    Nevertheless, thank you Nikki and cytaormina for sharing your knowledge :)

    Also, I actually saw a physical version of the Northern Lights kaleidoscope - it's pretty of course, but as someone who owns that many eye k's I think it will be possible for me to dupe the shades... We'll see when It officially comes out!

  15. Tracy- I was surprised I could get one myself. I thought it would be like the Blush G (or perhaps they learned their lesson hmmm). I find it performed better when I use my fingers though. What brush do you use with it?

    Leigh- oh oops I forgot I purchased NARS too. I left out Mexican Rose in my order and I think I have to pick that up as well, though I hate the waste that accompanies pencil glosses.

    Rosy Glow is a must! And Waterlily is soooo pretty. But you're right in that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to mint green polishes this season. Essie, revlon, l'oreal...


  16. Ugh I hate doing this on the iPad. So difficult! Where was I...

    Cogitation- gong xi fa chai :) we say the same thing back in Malaysia too (well, everywhere in the world!) thank you for reading! Now to will my charger back to me...

    Jamilla- a month! For that I would shell out the money. Two days isn't worth it :P

    GB, ting- may you have a great year ahead!

  17. Thanks Xiao! That would be great for my pocket book if I could skip this one. I have way too many kaleidoscopes and almost 3/4 of their entire eyeshadow singles, but I keep buying! I am dangerously obsessed.


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