Monday, January 16, 2012

Gloss d'Armani #400

Back to the grind (or not, Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everybody). I had a wonderful trip back home and my few short days in London was nothing short of perfect. I don't think I've ever been so happy for a full entire month. I also obtained a few covetable items from London that I cannot wait to show you, but jetlag and cleaning and certain preparations for my first day back of school necessitates new pictures to take a step back. 

Some digging through the folder of unused pictures ensued and I stumbled upon these of Gloss d'Armani #400. With Chinese New Year coming up in a week, it felt like the ideal item to feature.

L-R: Rouge d'Armani #400, Gloss d'Armani #400

Longtime readers might recognize this eye look from the Rouge d'Armani #400 feature from two months ago. I used Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill #13 (black) as my liner, then placed Burberry Midnight Brown on the lid and blended it into the liner. Continued with Burberry Rosewood in the crease, blended that into the lid color, and finished off with Burberry Trench as my brow highlighter. It was very gradient-y and involved much blending.

As for the gloss, it's the longest wearing gloss I've tried in my life. The Gloss d'Armani formula is one of my favorites: the applicator is squishy in a super fun way (you have to try it to understand what I mean), the gloss itself is long-lasting, super comfortable, and (very important) doesn't dry out my lips like some glosses do. The only downside is it smells like ink.

Gloss d'Armani #400 retails for $28 and is available at

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  1. Welcome back!! Glad you a a great trip.
    You look so amazing! The gloss needs to be in my life. Will it make me as gorgeous as you? Please? :)

  2. Jamilla- Unrelated, but the Malaysian Chanel counter was out of red lipstick because of CNY :P

    Tracy- Glad to be back! Missed you much.

    The gloss does need to be in everybody's life! And pish posh you're already more gorgeous than I can ever hope to be!

  3. Sexy ;) I love it! That's such a fabulous red.

  4. You are going to get tired of hearing me say can rock the reds!!!

  5. Ooooh, the red looks gorgeous! And that's a GLOSS!? Really like the eye look too, very fierce ;)

  6. Oh my God this is SO sexy on you! The eyes are sexy enough to kill too! Maybe CNY is the perfect excuse to sport bold red lips!

  7. You look awesome. Thank goodness I'm broke after the holidays, otherwise I'd run out to get this and break my lippie ban!

  8. This is so gorgeous and sensual! I love how you did your eyes.

  9. Smells like ink? Weird! That look is totally hot on you! That eye is fabulous.

  10. *gulp* pure sexiness, xiao! Can't believe we only have one Armani counter in Japan. I need to try that squishy, fun applicator. Good to see you back!

  11. I love the eye look, but it doesn't quite steal the thunder of that amazing lip combo. That's it. My next purchase from Giorgio Armani shall be a gloss!

  12. BlushingNoir- lol!

    Larie- it'll look wonderful on you!

    cytaormina- thank you :D (and one can never get tired of hearing nice things!)

    Maggie- It's a very full bodied gloss!

    mostlysunnybunny- Any day is the perfect excuse for bold lips! But I do love that CNY is bringing that out in people

    Liz- Thank you :) I'm trying to draft my own ban but I don't think it's happening, though I barely got anything from Spring so I guess that's hopeful?

    socialitedreams- thanks!

    lyn- Thank you for the kind words!

    PerilouslyPale- Thank you, C! It *does* smell like Chinese ink (the ones used for traditional writing) but I'm not that perturbed...

    peach- HI PEACH! *squishes*

    Danielle- <3!

  13. That's such a fierce look on you! Very Chinese New Year-esque!! :)

  14. Iv been looking for a new gloss for cny ( just an excuse for new red lippie!) and your post came at the perfect time. I've not tried Armani gloss before and this is gonna be the perfect time. Thankyou !

  15. I picked up this Armani gloss thanks to you. Won't make it here before we close up for CNY but it'll be here when I get back and I can't wait! :D

  16. Adore look fantastic! I'm so envious at how well you can pull off a red lip. I want to try that eye look as well - stunning!

  17. You look pretty, hot and sexy. I want to try also that gloss so I can be pretty, hot and sexy. :)

    Christina @ Mens Boots With Zipper


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