Friday, January 27, 2012

Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow 08 Mizuaoi

As promised, more Suqqu! I bought four out of the available eight of these babies (yes, my heart is content), and the lucky first on Messy Wands is the Blend Color Eyeshadow 08 Mizuaoi


There is a set theme to all the Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow palettes. The bottom right shade is the base color, usually a matte white; the bottom left shade is for lining, the top right shade for the outer corners, and the top left shade for all over the lid. I applied it as such in the photos below, with a smidgen of the purple and blue on my bottom lash line. 

Perhaps it's a Japanese makeup thing. Like my experience with Cle de Peau, the Suqqu quad is super smooth and a pleasure to apply. It imparts a light veil of color on your lids - I don't want to use the word sheer because that's not an accurate description. It's more like their eyeshadows are meant for subtlety, which I suppose is true for "Asian makeup" in general. 

Ingredient list (I know this is not the box for Mizuaoi, but except for the colors I think the rest are the same):

If you like this, you're in luck. Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow 08 Mizuaoi is available at for $71 (though eep at the price!).


  1. Love your look Xiao! I think you're right about Asian makeup aiming at achieving subtlety, but that purple looks delicious! I'm sure you can get a bit more drama with this one if you want to. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love this post. This palette is now on my want list among other Suqqu items.

  3. The suqqu quad and you are so pretty!

  4. You look very pretty in soft neutrals. I've been wanting to try Suqqu products ever since I heard Lisa Eldridge talk about them in her youtube videos. I hope you'll review all of the quads you bought, I'd definitely like to pick up a few things from their line.

  5. What a beautiful palette! I love how you used it, soft and pretty.

  6. You are so gorgeous! These colors look so good with your complexion, xiao. I must agree, we never really talk about pigmentation here because that's not the #1 priority for the most popular looks.

  7. mostlysunnybunny- I think the concept of "emphasizing natural beauty" is stronger in the East. Everyone I know back home seems to prefer makeup that way. e.g. my brother said my sister looked weird with red lips.

    I think drama is possible if i use more of the purple shade. But I'm quite content on using it as it is intended for now :)

    Flyavstad- yay!

    Tere- you're so kind *blushes*

    nikki- :D

    Passion4Art- thank you! If you ever get the chance you must try them, especially the Creamy Glow Lipstick. I definitely plan to review everything I bought, though it'll take some time...

    Jacqueline- thank you :)

    peach- thank you! I suppose Chanel has a point when they made the Euro/Asia eye palettes baked hrmm

  8. love the colors in the e/s quad. i love that dark purple shade! beautiful


  9. Eep indeed! But these look so gorgeous, now I can't wait to see the other three. I've noticed the same thing with Asian eyeshadows (creating a soft veil of color). The entire time I was working in Taiwan, I never once saw anyone wearing eyeshadow, except a couple of occasions where my coworkers were at a formal event. But even then, it was extremely subtle and glowy. I think I would get bored if I wore colors like these all the time, but some days they're just what I need.

    Oh wow, look at me ramble. What I was going to say is that they look pretty on you!

  10. The purples look gorgeous on you dear! I need to build up the courage to start wearing brighter colours!

  11. This is one of my fave Suqqu palettes! Looks wonderful on you!!

  12. Ooo... I got this one too! Now I'm especially excited for it to arrive... Your photographs make it so luscious.

  13. This palette suits you so well, it's like it was made for you! I have two palettes (Ginbudou and Keshizumi) and I really want more, but I find that a lot of them are based on colours I couldn't really pull off.

    I do agree about the 'veil' of colour, I used to think pigmentation = good eyeshadow, but since living in Japan I've realised that there are so many other factors that are more important.

    Which other quads did you get?

  14. WHOA you bought four others?! Holy moly! Will be looking forward to the other quads you got :) The colors for this quad look super pretty, esp. the peachy one and the liner-type shade.

    Totally agree with you about Asian makeup! The one Kate quad I own is soooo buttery smooth and applies *subtle-y*.

    Aksjjsl;kdsk;ljasjkk now I'm going to spend x hours looking at Asian makeup online and hopefully controlling myself not to click 'add to cart'. LOL.

  15. I've been absolutely dying to try some Suqqu products. They look like an absolute joy to work with. The color your achieved by applying a few of these together is so lovely, it reminds me of a long ago discontinued shade called Dove Feather that I still absolutely adore.

    ♥ Jessica

  16. Mary- it's my favorite shade from the palette!

    Makeup Morsels- thank you :) I totally get what you mean. I told a friend the other day I was going through an "Asian makeup phase"

    Phoebe- yes! It is super fun. Start out with subtler ones if those neon pops are too scary (for now) :)

    Jamilla- thank you!

    Dain- It is very yum. Need really soft brushes to use it though.

    glossedintranslation- I got Ginbudou and Keshizumi too (seems like everyone starts out with those) and Kakitsubata.

    Maggie- four in total. Basically blew my entire spring budget on one brand (thus thankfully not many of the spring collections drew me) *guilty squirm*

    Jessica- <3 they are absolutely delectable

  17. Hi Xiao! I love your looks with Mizuaoi, and I have the same palette too!

    SUQQU I must say, is one of the best eyeshadows out there and they never fail to impress!

    Are you also in the Boston area too!


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