Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beauty PSA: Le Métier de Beauté John Barrett Salon Exclusive Nail Lacquers Now Available Online

Longest Beauty PSA title ever, but sums it up!

The huge coincidence is I was already planning to post a picture of Kona today:

I sound like a broken record by now considering the amount of times I've posted about Le Métier de Beauté nail lacquers. A quick recap: absolutely no complaints about the formula, usually two coats needed for opacity, yummy colors. I have to say Kona didn't survive on my nails for long (started chipping on day three), but I've been using my nails excessively the past few days and I doubt even the best of polishes would last a second longer.

For those who missed it, I've also done tape swatches of the entire John Barrett Salon Exclusive collection:

Le Métier de Beauté John Barrett Salon Exclusive Nail Lacquers retail for $18. Click here for your fix! 


  1. Beautiful color on your hands, reminds me of the Chanel colors.

  2. Gorgeous! Reminds me of Tom Ford Bitter Bitch!

  3. This is such a beautiful classic deep wine red color.

  4. Yep, Kona is on my wish list for good reason. And you have such long nail beds, Xiao; they make your fingers look so elegant. My own stumpy little nail beds drive me crazy. That still doesn't stop me from enjoying No More War on my nails right now. ;p

  5. Gorgeous colour! I have a similar colour on, I went to get Shellac done but it's chipping already.. that's what I get for only paying $30 for Shellac :(

  6. Gorgeous! Thanks for the info! I will have to get a "few".


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