Monday, January 9, 2012

Makeup You Want But Cannot Have: Lancome Erika F

This hello is accompanied by a bashful wave. I know I haven't been on my regular posting schedule, but I will be soon! My holiday's almost over. I'll be flying for the next few days and back to the States on the 15th. I have the most exciting semester ahead of me, and though my heart (and my body heat) does not want to leave home, I really can't wait to get back into the grind.

Today's feature is the infamous Lancome Erika F, a shimmery green-gray eyeshadow that has reached cult status among beauty bloggers and makeup users alike. It is unfortunately a Euro/Asia exclusive, and I thank my lucky stars that I chanced upon it during my transit in Rome.

The way some bloggers describe this, it might as well be a candy-making unicorn leaping above a rainbow. And well, it really is. The swatch is pretty but no one prepared me for how it will look on the eyes. The pictures below do not do it justice. You know how certain types of books always has a heroine with a glimmer in her eyes (which doesn't make sense in real life)? Well, this is that mysterious abstract glimmer on the eyelids, and a multi-dimensional one at that.

I've been wearing it alone on my lid as I find that the color stands well on its own. On occasion, I might add a deeper shade in the crease, but I actually prefer it by itself. 

They're not kidding about Erika F. I'd tell you to run out and get it but I know most of my readers are from the US and don't have access to it. Luckily, I have a way for you to get your hands on a piece of this magic, but more on that tomorrow (yes, I'm dangling that carrot).

Several readers have asked what's on my lips and I'm abashed to say (ah, laziness showing through) it's actually the same lip from the most recent Lipstick Bandits post.

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  1. Such a pretty color. I'm loving the silver and gray shades of this spring.

  2. I love Erika F!! It was sold here in Canada in a duo up until last year and I don't think a lot of people knew. Just before they were discontinued, I managed to get 2-one for me and one for Arianne! I love it-it's such a great colour. You look gorgeous as always!

  3. Stunning, Xiao! What is on your lips???

  4. I saw this color on another blog awhile back and that blogger compared this color to Chanel's creme eye shadow in Epatant. Not sure if you own that but if you do, it'd be nice to hear your thoughts on comparison.

  5. yes, please tell us what's on your lips!

  6. Erika F! You have no idea how long I've been lemming this shadow, I heard about it even before I started beauty blogging. I actually spent an entire day looking for it in Taipei, but I guess they don't carry it there.

    Thank you for sharing its dreamy gorgeousness with us :) I am resigned to ogling it for the rest of eternity.

  7. It's so pretty in the pan too! And just so you know, this shade can be found on both eBay and Amazon. >_> Anticipating tomorrow's post nevertheless.

  8. This is unbefreakinlievable on you.

  9. Girlie Blogger- haha I'm the opposite. At least, this spring brings out the frugal person in me.

    Tracy- Thank you, love! Yes I heard about the duo, and also heard about people who own the duo who want the single anyway (which was when I decided I had to get this thing to see what it's all about)

    Jamilla- thank you!

    Larie- I edited the post! It's from the recent LB post

    Passion4art- I think I know which blog you're talking about. Unfortunately, I didn't get Epatant so I cannot make that comparison for you. I did, however, find a close Shu Uemura shade (not exact dupes) but that might not be of help for people in the US :(

    Liz- :) It's from the recent Lipstick Bandits post. I included a link at the end of the post.

    Makeup Morsels- aw shucks. Though from reading Paris' blog I read it's sold out all the time at local counters too!

    Leigh- Aw shucks *hides face in shame* but I think people will still like what's coming :)

    M & R- Thank you :)

  10. Lurve the lips and how you paired it with the eyes. I'm going to dig out Erika F and use it tomorrow... thanks to you! :D

  11. I tried to look for this eyeshadow in Taiwan, only to find that they DO NOT sell eyeshadow singles here. ORZ ORZ ORZ


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