Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sunday Riley Prismasilk Eye Color in Lady Godiva

Thanks to The Beauty Look Book, I decided to give Sunday Riley a try. So far I'm halfway through a generous sample of the Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer (their bestselling product) and I have to say I'm almost sold. It keeps shine at bay and creates a really smooth canvas for foundation. If the performance keeps up, I just might have to purchase the full-sized product.

But today's post is about their much-raved-about eyeshadow. I have on hand Sunday Riley Lady Godiva, a lightly shimmery sandy sort of color. 

Sunday Riley wins no prizes packaging-wise. The eyeshadow singles are made of a black plastic base and clear plastic cover. While functional, I can't help but feel (especially if your vanity is filled with the likes of Guerlain and Burberry) that they could do so much better on the design. At $26 each we deserve a little more pizzazz with these things. Yes, I know in the end what matters is how well the eyeshadow performs, but I like my heart to skip a beat when I look at my beauty products, you know? 

On the other hand, no one would have qualms about "ruining the design" and wasting a perfectly good eyeshadow. Hmm.

Sunday Riley set up certain expectations when she named her eye shadow formula "Prismasilk," and in this aspect it doesn't disappoint. It is not as buttery soft in texture as Burberry eyeshadows but in application they fare the same. I can't help but think applying these shadows to the eye is more of a "smoothing on" than a brushing on. As for wear, without primer the eye shadow lasts about eight hours before creasing on an oily eyelid. With primer it lasts all day. 

I found Lady Godiva to be an ideal there/not there lid shade, like if you weren't paying close enough attention you would think I just had really pretty lids when in fact, I was actually wearing eyeshadow! It won't fool you girls, but I bet it'll work against my boyfriend. Lady Godiva is such a standalone color, and has been quite the lifesaver on days where I only have precious few minutes to color up my face. It's a great neutral to go with more daring shades on lips and cheeks. Actually, it's a great neutral, period.

Cheeks: Burberry Light Glow in Tangerine Blush No. 06; Lips: Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle

Sunday Riley Prismasilk Eye Color in Lady Godiva retails for $26. The line is exclusively available to Barneys New York.


  1. This looks great for every day wear. Really adore your blog since asian beauty bloggers are so scarce and you have great photos + products.

  2. is it bizarre that I want it just for the name? lol

  3. It's a gorgeous shade on you! Very beautiful in an understated sort of way. Though just to be very honest, at this price point I would expect fancier packaging :p

  4. You and Danielle are killing me with Sunday Riley. I really want one of these!

  5. That is a lovely neutral. I'm getting more and more intrigued by this line. As soon as my eyeshadow no-buy is over, I will be finding a way to get some Sunday Riley to the UK!

  6. Gorgeous colour! Next time I cross the border I will need to look into this line!

  7. I really like this look! It's a great natural look for school. Are you wearing the guerlain 103 and le métier bondi beach combination on your lips in this picture? Also, which blush are you wearing? I'm going to try to recreate this look. Thanks!

  8. /swoons

    I love this on you, Xiao! The formula sounds amazing, too - it's so hard to find something that actually lasts on oily monolids.

  9. Vivian- Thank you for the kind words Vivian :)

    BlushingNoir- not at all :P

    Sunny- I do too! A little miffed.

    Larie- :P

    Modesty Brown- Burberry Rosewood is actually really similar to Lady Godiva (I'd say just a touch lighter) if you need something now :)

    Tracy- Next time you cross the border you should come see meeee

    Anonymous- Thank you! I am wearing Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle on lips and Burberry Light Glow in Tangerine on my cheeks.

    Rae- It's smooth but unfortunately needs primer to stay on oily lids :(

  10. I really appreciate how you always respond to readers' comments. But more than any other blog, your blog always gets me to go out and buy more stuff

  11. Anonymous- Aww thanks! I try to do all of it, though unfortunately I can't keep up with every single one (esp. for old posts).

    Hehe, I apologize to your wallet :P

  12. Hey you, why are you so pretty?

    As for the packaging, I agree. I wouldn't pay $26 for *that*. =/

  13. Beautiful! Looks great on you! I agree about the packaging. I feel like they did not even try.

  14. That is the perfect colour! It's so similar to my beloved and presumably discontinued Brun Irreelle from Bourjois. I've hit pan. Am so sad. But I don't see Sunday Riley becoming available in Denmark any time soon, so the search goes on...

  15. Pretty! Sunday Riley is on my to-try list. I do appreciate that the packaging allows me to easily see which color I'm reaching for.

  16. Lady Godiva looks gorgeous on you dear! :) Agree with your assessment 100%

  17. Absolutely need this. Among a few other shades!

    ♥ Jessica


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