Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chanel Rouge Allure Belgravia

Due to my new obsession with the BBC TV series Sherlock (are you watching it? If not, please do), I can't see the word "Belgravia" without thinking about Benedict Cumberbatch (who plays Sherlock Holmes) and that wonderful episode where he meets Irene Adler. I won't say more because I don't want to spoil the show for you and I can't make it relevant by connecting Chanel Rouge Allure Belgravia to Irene (her lipstick selections firmly stay in the red territory). Though, Sherlock is a UK series and the lipstick was part of a limited edition collection only available to Harrods London... 

Okay, okay. Moving on!

L-R: Rouge Allure Kensington, Belgravia

Like Paul and Joe Meow!, Belgravia baffled me when it came to swatch and on-lip similarity. I thought (again) that I labeled my swatches wrong but I checked and just had to concede that these lipsticks don't work the usual way. On my hand Belgravia leans red whereas on the lips it becomes decidedly Barbie pink. 

It shocks me to realize this is the first time a Rouge Allure appeared on the blog. It is one of my favorite lipstick formulas, as it is actually moisturizing (unlike Rouge Cocos) and lightweight and taste free, and on top of that lasts 4-5 hours. It has an unidentified light scent in the tube which does not translate onto the lips, which I'm beginning to think is characteristic of all Chanel lipsticks.

Chanel Rouge Allure Belgravia retails for $32 and is a limited edition exclusive.

Now that I've completed my Serious Beauty Blogger Duties, let's have some fun! Anyone here watches Sherlock and is obsessed about it too? I'd love to hear your likes, dislikes, discussions... You can express how much you want your batch cumbered, if you so wish. (Oh, you know you want to.)


  1. (Ooops sorry I forgot to switch to my blogging account)

    It's adorable on you! I must try a Rouge Allure soon, because everybody keeps talking about how moisturizing it is!

    I haven't got into the Sherlock thing yet, but with you and Rae raving about it, I just might start (along with Downtown Abbey lol)!

  2. This color looks great on you! I have Hyde Park which pulls more coral but Belgravia looks so pretty I might have to get it.......

  3. I would definitely not call this Barbie pink, Barbie pinks are way more neon, opaque, super bright, this is a nice neutral medium pink, which I'm envious of you having it. The collection is still available on, but I just don't dare getting anything..

  4. It's gorgeous on you, Wands! Great bright-ish pink.

    I want a Rouge Allure so badly.

  5. I will have to check out Sherlock! Thanks for the tip.
    I was quite disappointed when we came to the end of our horatio hornblower dvds, then foyles war (a definite favorite) and now Downton abbey....sigh.
    PS, you look lovely in pink. x

  6. I too am Sherlock-obsessed. And thank you for adding yet again to my already massive lip colour shopping list. :D

  7. Are they finally on to the next season of Sherlock? The first season was only 3 episodes or so!...though I know British TV mini-series are just like that in general...

  8. The color looks perfect on you!! and your cheekbones!! you could be a model!! ;D


  9. Yes!!! Omg if another Chanel SA tells me to try Rouge Coco's because theyre the most moisturizing of all Chanel lipsticks, I will...I politely and inwardly disagree like always. But to see that you share the same opinion is oddly vindicating.


  10. That pink looks gorgeous! It would be the greatest coincidence if Belgravia was actually a bright red. (And then you could put on some teal eyeliner with it.)

    I dislike the terribly angsty cliffhanger of Reichenbach. ): I do love Cumberbatch's cheekbones though.

  11. GAHHH! Belgravia! And it's pretty, too!

    Damn this spending ban! >.<

  12. wow soo pretty! love Rouge Allure Kensington.

  13. Totally obsessed with Sherlock as well!! Cliffhangers totally kill me, and the extra long wait before the next season makes it an even more excruciatingly death.
    I have similar coloring to you and your face pics with pink lipstick have reinspired me to give them another try:)
    More in Sherlock, who do you think the new villan is going to be?! I was devastated that Moriarty seems to be truly dead (bullet to the head is a bit harder to die than a fall) but I'm so excited to see who is going to replace him!!

  14. Oops, I meant to write "a it harder to fake". Thinking about Sherlock makes me incoherent, haha

  15. At least Belgravia is pretty either way! I don't think I've ever tried a Rouge Allure- only the Rouge Cocos. I just purchased a nails inc. polish from Sephora because it was named... Baker Street! I almost wish I had opted for the bedazzled crystal cap version instead of the regular bottle.

    As for my dislikes about "Sherlock," I dislike that there are only three episodes a season. But they all look amazing and rich and took $$$ to produce! They're like mini movies. And Martin is in "The Hobbit" and Benedict is in the upcoming Star Trek movie, so I bet three episodes a season works well for them. :) The Inspector Morse prequel called "Endeavour" will air this summer here in the US. You might like it if you typically like mysteries, though it's set more in the '60s versus Sherlock being set in the here and now.

  16. This shade suits you perfectly. Love Chanel Rouge Allures!

  17. Beautiful on you. You're right though. You'd swear you were wearing Kensington. Never seen Sherlock ;-)

  18. Pinks are always nice for all seasons specially for the skin tone that you are the color and shade.

  19. Sunny- YES PLEASE START WATCHING (I'm not yelling at you - okay maybe I am - but it's only because it's such a must!!!) Also, yes, um, must try Rouge Allure too :P

    Gabby T - I didn't get Hype Park because I thought the color might be too warm for me. eep :x

    Anna- hahaha I googled Barbie Pink and this came up. I guess there's variations to it? Maybe I should called it a sedated Barbie pink.

    Lindsay- thanks!

    Geeks- Gettttt one :D

    katie- Yes please! I need more people to drool with about Benedict Cumberbatch

    rachlovespenguins- :D

    Isla- well each episode is about 88 minutes, which makes it 2-4 times longer than some US shows :/ It's like watching 3 movies! And yes the 2nd season is finished, although not on netflix or itunes yet.

    Jade in the Palace- Thank you for the kind words :D

    R - I shall stand by you and resist the urge to roll our eyes together!

    Christine- Right?!! Ugh I just watched the Belgravia ep again yesterday. Inspired to do a Rachel Adler look.

    Joanne- oh gosh. I don't read the books so I can't even begin to guess. But I can't wait to see how he reveals himself to John. That last scene was so heartbreaking T_T

    Dia- I can't wait for The Hobbit! BC is in it as Smaug the Dragon, though alas we won't get to see his lovely cheekbones.

    Purpleanel- Thank you :) Yes, they're my fav Chanel formula. Pray they never discontinue it

    PerilouslyPale- CHRISTA YOU MUST!!

    mineral lipstick- pink lipstick is a new thing for me :P I used to stay far far away..

  20. *Preface with Sherlock comment* I started watching Sherlock with my boyfriend and so far so AWESOME - we're just in the very beginning episodes so I can't say much more than that - but I wanted to say that from your comments, and I think Rae's, is what got me turned on to it, so thanks for that :)

    As for Belgravia - lovely, but how weird that it changed color so much from swatch to lips? I've seen that happen a few times this week - strange, no?

  21. lovely color, though no surprise there. your taste is impeccable.

    i haven't watched sherlock yet, though it is in my queue. i added it after seeing a promo for it on another bbc series, luther. which is phenomenal. and since they are cross promoting, if you enjoy sherlock, you might want to check out luther. it stars Idris Elba and also Ruth Wilson, both of whom are mesmerising!


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