Friday, February 24, 2012

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose Gold

Despite its various incarnations throughout the years and ubiquity in Beauty Must-Have lists, I never really thought much about Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks in the past. I didn't know what it was for. It was too frosty (in my opinion) to be a highlighter but not pigmented enough to be a blush. In addition, my perception of the brand was colored by bad experiences at counters and gritting my teeth at unfriendly sales assistants, so I always walked away without purchasing anything.

My indifference has never really been challenged until the Rose Gold collection came around. Dustin was by my side as we rifled through the beauty counters at Bergdorf's, and we stopped at the Bobbi Brown counter. I confessed I didn't understand them as highlighters, and he explained, "well, those are luminizers. You're supposed to put them on top of your blush."

Somewhere in my head a gong (of understanding) was struck, and I left the counter holding my very first Shimmer Brick. 

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose Gold contains five shades of rose, pinks, and golds. Swirled together, the resulting hue is its namesake. While it looks frightening in the swatch, it becomes altogether magical when layered over another color on the cheeks. Case in point:

Bobbi Brown Rose Gold Shimmer Brick layered over CdP Cheek Color Duo in 02

What is the word for it? A glow? A luminescence? A sultry flush? (Ha!) However you want to call it, I think it looks fetching on the skin, and especially great for drawing attention to your cheeks.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose Gold retails for $39 and is available at Bobbi Brown counters nationwide and Like all good things, it is unfortunately limited edition.


  1. !!!!!

    There are no words. Must. have!

    P.S. Your cheekbones, Wands, are incredible. :)

  2. Gosh, your cheekbones, Xiao!!! They look even hotter with this Shimmer Brick! I have it in Bronze but still haven't figured out the best way to use it. I'll give it a try on top of my blush soon!

  3. Your cheekbones could sell just about anything, so it's no surprise that I now definitely want this! I've also never really understood the concept ... feel like I can't pass up on Rose Gold now!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. II'm always a bit confused by them, too. I suppose, then, highlighter and luminizer should not be used interchangeably? What about "illuminator?" ._. I hate makeup. Hahahaha.

    You look gorgeous, as always, Xiao! What eye makeup are you wearing? And mascara?

  5. Ooh, pretty! I love how subtle the shimmer is <3.

  6. You make everything look pretty--I have to agree with Jessica, your cheekbones could sell anything!
    I've tried Shimmer Bricks before, and you do make a convincing photographic case for giving it another try, but I'm still resisting for now.

    @Larie...about calling it a "luminizer" instead of "highlighter"...honestly I think it's just making up new terms to sell more products, as though you really need a separate item to put over blush. It's like eye cream. You don't really NEED a separate cream for the skin under your eyes (seriously) but the companies advertise to make you think you do. *steps off soapbox*

  7. You look gorgeous Xiao!
    I'm kind of meh on these-I think they are a bit too sparkly for this old lady. I find the texture of them too chunky for my liking.

  8. Are you wearing the paul and joe Lipstick C in 076 Meow? So pretty!

  9. I have this one and really like it... the shade is similar to MAC's Redhead (from Naturally collection, algo LE), but less pigmented. I can use Redhead as blush, Rose Gold no.

    Another great Shimmerbrick is Nectar. I have Rose and Bronze too, but I prefer Nectar.

  10. Hi, just started reading your blog - you do a lovely job with it! I just bought rose gold and I love it! i have so many cream blushes that dont work alone, but layered under shimmerbricks they look great! Rose gold looks lovely on you too - you have beautiful bone structure!

  11. It looks incredible on you!! I've always like BB Shimmer Bricks - my fave is Beach.

  12. Gold and pink always look good together. This has a nice tint.

  13. Geeks- Thank you, Miss Perfect Lips! But trying this just opened a WHOLE NEW WORLD to me. I'm thinking shimmer bricks are kind of a must for MUAs :P

    Sunny- Thanks :) Try it and let me know how it goes!

    Jessica- Hehe. Try it out at a counter over a blush! I think you'll love :)

    Larie- OH, OH I just got an answer for this from Dustin. He said technically luminizers give you a "glow" while highlighters (which should usually be liquid) makes skin look "dewy." My mind = blown

    dani- Kinda surprising from a shimmerbrick, personally!

    Isla- Thank you :)

    I would respectfully disagree about eye cream though. Regular face creams are usually heavier, and the skin under your eyes is the most delicate area of your face. Putting regular creams under the eyes will weigh the skin down (and accelerate signs of aging! gasp.) I might be wrong about this, but I'm gonna stick with my eye creams :P

    Tracy- Thankies Tracy, though if you ever call yourself old again I'll thump you >:(

    Anon- Yeap!

    Anne JF- I remember Nectar. That was one of the more pigmented Shimmer Bricks. I think I'm set with Rose Gold for now though

    Lori J- thank you for the kind words :)

    Jamilla Camel- Thank you, Jamilla!

  14. I was wondering what nail polish shade/brand are you wearing? I just saw your nails in the first picture and the color is so pretty.

  15. Well, not to be too argumentative, but I would say I've found plenty of good regular face creams that are light enough for use around the eye.

  16. cloverbits- It's Le Metier de Beaute Mint Bliss! I featured it some time ago -

    Isla- Haha of course not. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion :)

    I don't doubt that you're able to find face creams to work under your eyes, but the keyword there is of course "light enough" for the eyes. I'm a dehydrated person and the creams I use are usually quite heavy so they usually wouldn't work for me.

  17. Is the skin under your eyes more dry than the rest of your skin?

  18. Well, thanks for that Xiao! I was determined to ignore these, this enticing shade in particular, but now I'm not sure I can continue to hold out! I've always been curious but found them, as you did, inappropriate as a highlighter - and on my skintone, too fair to be a blush...I think I trip to my local BB counter is in my near future!

  19. well


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