Thursday, February 23, 2012

Clé de Peau Beauté Cheek Color Duo in 02

I have a love-hate relationship with Clé de Peau. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that I have to buy separate cases for each palette I want to buy, especially when the palette sans case costs more than say, a Chanel Joues Contraste. I've heard great things about their products, but are they worth that much trouble? Especially when I have to pay so much? 

For Clé de Peau Eye Color Quad in Kyanite, the answer was yes, but the company's cheek products were unexplored territory. After reading this glowing review on Time 4 Beauty, I decided I would give them a try, so with a wince, I plunked down a hefty sum for Cheek Color Duo in 02 and an accompanying blush case.

Clé de Peau blush palettes offer you both color and highlighter. The brush that comes with the palette is not only functional but super soft and actually something you would look forward to use. The Cheek Color Duo in 02 contains a soft coral with the finest of micro shimmers, and a white gold highlighting shade.

As for the blush itself, it is what I've come to expect from Clé de Peau - soft, finely milled, and super subtle. The produced effect is like color is peeking out from under your skin. You'll have to layer it repeatedly for it to be more noticeable, but if that was what you were going for you would be better off purchasing a blush from another brand for a fraction of the price. 

Clé de Peau Cheek Color Duo 02 retails for $48, while the case and accompanying brush costs $40. If you do not intend to travel with this, I would suggest only buying the refill so that the price is easier to swallow. The plastic casing that comes with the refill is sturdy enough for the vanity table, even with regular use. 


  1. I've heard a lot about this brand (Christine from Temptalia really adores their lip products), but a) I have no access to it here and b) the price makes me gasp.

    I think most Asian brands aim at creating very very subtle and barely-there makeup, which can be good or bad depending on what you're looking for. With that said, this looks adorable on you!

  2. This is really beautiful, wow. I am always drawn to coral blushes, and this is a particularly beautiful one! Now I'm trying to justify the cost if I don't buy the case . . . I could always put a magnet on the bottom and put it into my Z-palette!

  3. I love coral blushes lately but this picture has me drawn to the meow lipstick! hehe

  4. Wow, $48 is okay. But $88 with the case (that should come standard with a blush) seems a little nuts to me. With expensive brands, you're typically paying the high price for the quality packaging. Apparently Cle De Peau is putting some expensive ingredients in their products? Gold perhaps? LOL Anyway, I can't argue that the product does look incredibly appealing and gorgeous in the swatch. It doesn't take much to lure me into purchasing any pretty makeup item, and I'd probably purchase one if I was at the counter and fell in love with a shade. haha

  5. I never buy the cases from Clé de Peau. I have several of the eyeshadow quads, one of the new luminizing powders, and a blusher and I find the clear hard plastic container that they come in is perfectly serviceable. Since I don't need the brushes/applicators, nor do I typically carry those types of products with me to reapply during the day, there is no reason to spend an extra $25 or so to get a case for each product. When I travel with a CdP item, I just put a rubber band around the plastic case and have never had any problem with the product being damaged. Chantecaille is another brand that is big on refills and, now Guerlain is jumping on the band wagon with its Mascara G and the highly anticipated Rouge G refills.

  6. i have the bronze/yellow one. i like cle de peau but like you said its verrrrry expensive to buy the containers.

  7. I have never heard of this brand before. Color looks great on you.

  8. I think this one may be too rich for my blood. I paid for Cruel Gardenia with nary a wince, but that is an amazing product, with a gorgeous design and nice packaging. I think I may have to draw the line at a 48$ for a palette-less blush.

    That said, it looks very pretty on you, and I do enjoy that odd, papier-maché sort of texture it's got going on in the pan.

  9. Sunny- I don't know. The products are good, but a little too rich for my blood :P I won't be purchasing from them for some time I think

    Emi- $48 is definitely more palatable than $88.. but it still irks me that I *need* to shell out the amount if i want a "full" product.

    What do you think about the Z palettes? Thinking of getting one myself...

    Naomi- :) both great products!

    Natalie- It should be a shade you "Can't do without"! I don't have many straight up coral blushes, that's why I bit the bullet on this one.

    Eileen- I only buy one, and the rest will be in the plastic packaging, because when I travel with it I think taking the extra precaution is worth it. I will cry scalding tears if I broke any of my cdp palettes :(

    Anonymous- sigh, how true.

    Girlie Blogger- the brand's great! Albeit shockingly expensive

    Maggie S- I never thought of using that word to describe it! And now it's all i can think of haha.

  10. Hmm...the color looks lovely swatched, but I personally like a more pigmented blush, so I'd probably pass on this - which is OK since my wallet will be tres happy :) Thanks for the post on this though, I was certainly curious!

  11. I tried this out at the SKII counter in Yokohama - it was very nice! and Yes, I did get one of the latest SKII blushes with Pitera...and the case, because the Pitera cosmetics are not available in Europe...

  12. Cle de Peau is a LUXURY brand. They charge $40 for a luxurious case. Carrying an upscale product in a cheap plastic "case" secured with a rubber band - ??? OMG, it's just beyond my understanding, it isn't ladylike! I really don't want to sound snobby but maybe it would be better to settle for a more affordable beauty brand?

  13. Hi Nina,

    I don't think traveling with a "cheap plastic 'case' secured with a rubber band" makes me less "ladylike" than you. If you think my method is "beyond understanding", imagine how tactless and unladylike your comment sounded! As for buying a more "affordable" brand, I assure you that with a high six figure income I can easily afford CdP but, like many women, I choose not to squander my money on mediocre cases just to show off for the likes of you.

  14. Great review and thanks for sharing! I agree, their prices are quite expensive but the quality is awesome!

    I am now following your blog... :)



  15. That's so gorgeous! CdP is expensive, yes, but so worth it, lol.


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