Thursday, February 9, 2012

Paul and Joe Beaute Spring 2012: Lipstick C in 076 Meow!

Does it damage my beauty blogging street cred to admit that I don't have a pet? If I was new to this world, I would think it was a requirement (still kinda think it is). But cat or no cat, nothing would have kept me away from the new Paul and Joe Spring Creation collection. Paw print lipsticks, cat palettes, cat wearing a top hat blush sticks? Too cute to be missed.

The blush sticks have not arrived at the counter last I checked, and I am starting to feel quite anxious indeed. In the meantime, allow me to introduce the aptly titled Lipstick C in 076 Meow!

I think a huge part of me chose this because of the packaging. I am absolutely in love with this... this red tube stamped with various women's heads. All the women look different and they have matchsticks in their hair. Seriously.

The nifty thing about Paul & Joe limited edition packaging is after you finish the lipstick/get bored with the hue, you can detach the pretty outer section and replace the inner tube with any of the lipsticks in their permanent line. 

Meow! swatches decidedly different from how it appears on my lips. I did a double take when I saw the photos and had to check and see if I made a mistake. I didn't, but it still feels odd. On my hand it looks like a regular pink shade while on my lips it is much lighter and cooler in tone. 

The lipstick features a semi-matte finish. It is advisable to prep your lips prior to application because while it contains olive oil (among others), it does not claim any moisturizing benefits. My own experience is while it is not drying, it is not moisturizing as well. Considering that this is a semi-matte formula, color me impressed. The lipstick is also lightweight and comfortable to wear. It's another one of those lip products I would forget I had on till I smeared it on an unsuspecting tissue. Lasting power to my best recollection is about 3-4 hours. 

I'm wearing Paul and Joe Face and Eye CS in 076 Siamese, Please on my eyes and Cle de Peau Cheek Color Duo 02 on the cheeks. Review forthcoming for both.

Here are the ingredients for those who like to know what they are putting on their lips. You can click on the picture below for the enlarged version:

In an attempt to be reasonable I only purchased one shade out of the available three. I'm now convinced I must have been out of my mind. I will visit the counter again soon to rectify this situation, and hopefully by then the blush sticks will be in.

Paul and Joe Lipstick C in 076 Meow! retails for $20 and is available at Paul and Joe counters and I purchased mine from Bergdorf Goodman. I apologize for not getting the contact number of the Paul and Joe sales associate who helped me, but if you know what you want, Dustin (212-872-8612) should be able to help you! 


  1. This is definitely too cool for me, but on you it's fantastic! I'm having a bit of girl crush on you and your cheekbones *awkward silence*

    Yeah anyways I hope you'll get a couple more pieces from this one and show us! I thought about it forever but decided not to get anything. Most pieces are just too cute to use!

  2. Why must Paul & Joe have the cutest packaging in the world! Seriously unfair! I'm not sure if this colour would suit me but with your bone structure and face, lady, you suit pretty much anything! I'm jelly :(

  3. I have never bought anything solely because of the packaging, but this collection is tempting me!

    Please buy and swatch the rest of the collection so I can find a shade to fall in love with so I can buy it "because I love the shade" and I don't feel silly for buying it because of the packaging! :)

  4. Your brows have been looking so pretty lately! No angular arch. Suits you so well.

  5. OH MEOW! I have Sex Kitten lipstick, and it's fab!

  6. I admit that P&J packaging doesn't really appeal to me, but it looks gorgeous on your lips ;)

    Also. Your hair is pretty. :D

  7. Hey there, just stumbled across your blog as I was googling Suqqu - thinking of ordering that shade no 12! Love your site xo

  8. It would probably be pretty awful on me, but I LOVE it on you!!! And those paw prints, puh-lease... *chomps*

  9. You have amazing hair! Would you blog one about your hair care /styling routine? That would be greeeat! <3

  10. HI! You're gorgeous. BYE!

    P.S. I absolutely love the freaky lady packaging, too! <3

  11. I was about to say the swatch and the lip swatch were totally different! Somehow it still works on you! The packaging and aww those little pawprints are soooo cute.

    Serious cheekbone-envy right here!

  12. I love the packaging... and the hue is gorgeous.

  13. Wow, it does swatch astoundingly different on your hand compared to on your lips. You pull off cool light pink lipsticks brilliantly! It's such a nice contrast with your hair

  14. This shade is so cute on you. I think I have to have it! lol. I never tried anything from paul & joe but I love their packaging. I'm a sucker for cute packaging.

  15. It looks good on you. P&J has really cute stuff.

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