Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Essie Navigate Her

This winter-going-into-spring has been such a green season for nails. I chanced upon a bottle of Essie Navigate Her some time ago thought "Dior Waterlily!" but that was just my memory playing tricks on me. They're not even two peas in a pod.

Dior Waterlily on index finger, the rest is Essie Navigate Her

Color descriptions baffle me, so I'm going to venture that Waterlily is a mint green while Navigate Her is muted lime. They both wear wonderfully. No chips at all on the third day even with vigorous package-opening (a job hazard) and though I took it off on that day itself, I am quite certain it would have lasted a full week with minimal wear, provided you use a good base and top coat (Rescue Beauty Lounge's in my case).

Essie Navigate Her officially retails for $8 (prices vary depending on where you look) and can be found at most pharmacies or select e-tailers. I found an Amazon listing for the entire Spring 2012 collection for about $33 with shipping.

For an even more budget-friendly lime green (no promises on similarity), visit Karla Sugar's recent post on Sally Hansen Green with Envy.


  1. Both look gorgeous on you! I was talking on Twitter with Marina from Makeup4all that we've probably seen 20 greens this season (and we both want Navigate Her haha). This reminds me of pistachio ice cream :)

  2. Yes I also agree! Does remind me of pistachio ice cream too!

    Loove nail polishes that have resistance against packaging opening. I have broken many a nail and ruined many a mani tearing boxes open..

  3. Greens look great on you! The colours remind me of Laduree Pistachio Macarons!!

  4. This is a very pretty color. Not run of the mill mint, but an intersting shade that just just pretty.

  5. You pull off this shade so well! I wanted to love it, but I'm too pale.

    I would also KILL for your lovely long nail beds.
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Oh it reminds me of Shrek!! really pretty shade!

    Love your blog!

  7. I must say, you have such nice long nail beds! Mine are so short and stubby womp :T

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