Friday, December 9, 2011

Not Beauty-Related But...

Spotted these fantastic things on DKNY PR Girl's tumblr.

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Pretty much what I want to wear every day for the rest of my life. I'm huge on billowy circle skirts and hourglass silhouettes. Pass me any well-tailored white shirt and I will have a mini gushing fit.

Then there's also this pair of platforms from the DKNY Summer/Pre-fall show.

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All I'm saying is they better sell them because I've been looking for platforms like that since April.


  1. That second ensemble makes me so happy <3 :).

  2. I need the first ensemble, especially the shirt. The collar is perfection.

    By the way, are you excited about the RBL pre-order this weekend? I got the entire set, plus Dead Calm. I'm terrible; I still haven't worn any of my first BiB batch!

  3. dani- that floppy bow, that skirt, that top! It is so ridiculously perfect which makes me sad because I can never have it :(

    Leigh- Oh dear, if I can be counted on anything it would be for my RBL pre-orders. I already own Jane and Catherine H so I only got Catherine to complete my Queens set. Killa Red and Moxie went in of course, and I added Opaque Pink just because I have a lack of true neutrals (as in no shimmer, holo etc) in my stash.

    You MUST try them soon! I feel like Anne is so you :)

  4. Love these outfits, they're just perfect! I should hunt down a good white shirt...

  5. Do let me know how Opaque Pink looks! I haven't tried any of RBL's more unassuming neutrals.

    You're surely right about Anne and me. The trouble is I have a fuchsia pedi at the moment, and I cannot abide a clashing mani. Currently I'm wearing Dior Silver Lake (love, swatch coming up soon) and up next probably is Gris Montaigne. Once I change my pedi, I promise, I'm doing Anne!


    God, can't visit you without adding to my shopping cart. You're so bad for my wallet!!! (In a good way. ;) ;) )


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