Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lipstick Bandits: Festive Red Lip

Nothing like a Lipstick Bandit post to get me back into the groove of writing. I have to admit coming home has been such a treat I haven't been able to muster up the energy to blog. I suppose home brings out the best and worst in me. I become less of a hermit (due to warmer weather), I spend copious amounts of time with my family, but I become such a sloth when enveloped in this warmth. I'm very thankful I spent last summer away from home because Messy Wands wouldn't have been created otherwise.

This post was originally scheduled for before Christmas but most of the Bandits couldn't make it then (I was on the plane!). I do think that a festive red lip, "something red and sparkly," is still relevant now with New Year and Chinese New Year celebrations looming around the corner. 

My weapons of choice are: Tom Ford Cherry Lush, Burberry Nude Gold No. 15, and Chanel Fantasme. When we received this assignment, most of us panicked at the thought of sparkles. I had nothing in my stash that could remotely fit that bill. I went to different makeup artists at counters and asked what I could do. Dustin suggested red glitter (which I decided was too cumbersome for you to replicate, though wouldn't that look awesome?), Shawn whipped out a La Prairie red gloss that looked really sparkly, but I wasn't about to pay that price for something I'd only use once. 

In the end, I bought Fantasme, which I can justify because I've wanted it since the Illusion d'Ombres were introduced to the Chanel lineup. 

Tom Ford Cherry Lush

Burberry Nude Gold No. 15

Chanel Fantasme

L-R: Cherry Lush, Nude Gold No. 15, Fantasme 

For the lip, I painted on Cherry Lush and topped it with Nude Gold No. 15, then dabbed Fantasme onto the center of the lips for the sparkle. As fair warning, I should let you know that I do not know if that is lip safe! 

It's nice to be back! I have some posts lined up for the next few days and an exciting giveaway to announce in a week or two. It's many a blogger's Holy Grail and I'm jumping up and down on my sister's bed (shh don't tell her) at the anticipation of someone receiving it.

I'm about to check out my fellow Lipstick Bandits' interpretations of "sparkle" and I do hope you do the same. No doubt they'll make me want to buy glittery things to add to my collection:


  1. Love this! The three together look absolutely divine! Gorgeous! :)

  2. Great color! Love the added shimmer that Fantasme gives!

  3. Okay Xiao. I think you created the perfect pink-red lip. It's perfectttttt. I need that Fantasme.

    P.S. Your face! I want to put you in my pocket and carry you everywhere.

  4. Thanks for the swatches! That red looks DIVINE on you!!

  5. I looove the iridescence on top of the Ford lip color. Jaw-dropping. :D

  6. I want Fantasme! And I love the three together - so awesome. That TF lipstick is luscious!

  7. This is just perfect! I now need Fantasme. It's beautiful on top of the Tom Ford. You look so beautiful!

  8. I love that product shot of Cherry Lust! I have yet to invest in a Tom Ford lip color, maybe this can be my first hahah. And oh lord, the beauty that is Fantasme.

  9. Oh wow...

    OH WOW...

    You're not getting anything more coherent than these sentences.


  10. Cherry lush looks so nice on you? Do you prefer blue reds or warmer reds? BTW...where is home? Are u from Cali?

  11. Danielle- Thank you! It took a few experiments to get to this color, which was the final push for me to get Fantasme!

    Lindsay- Isn't Fantasme fantastic!?

    Arianne- I want to be in your pocket!

    Phoebe- Thank you :)

    Christine- Yes! Fantasme is my new love.

    Larie- Haha this assignment might turn us all into glitter fanatics

    Tracy- Thank you love <3

    Girlie Blogger- Thanks

    Makeup Morsels- Eee you should try it out, though I don't think it's worth the $48......

    dani- <3!

    Anonymous- I'm lucky to be able to pull off both, so I have no preference when it comes to reds (if you look under the Great Red category on the blog, I have featured both!). Pinks, though, are another story!

    Nope! I'm from Malaysia :)

  12. What a wonderful combination, I love how soft that true red is, it's bright, sure, but it's not like 'Hey, look at me, I'm a kick-ass red lipstick!', but a subtle, classy shade.

  13. Fantasme added just enough sparkly punch to make me go "oof". Too pretty, tooo pretty!!

  14. O_O...hey, gorgeous. *fast eyebrow raises*

  15. Um, hello, perfect pictures! And, like, perfect choice in products, and perfect resulting lip combination, and also? Perfect face.

    (Perfect. Face.)

    (Hello, surprise, congratulations on your everything!)

    *flails* :D

  16. What a great idea to use Fantasme- I really need to get my hands on that, it seems so versatile.

    I'm slothing around like it's going out of fashion too :)

  17. Jamilla- Thank you :)

    Isla- :)

    Anna- I think it's because Cherry Lush has a little bit of pink in it. But yes!

    Ashley- Ugh Fantasme is so ridiculously pretty

    Peach- LOL peach <3

    Rae- You are too nice Rae, I want to keep you in my pocket and bring you everywhere :D

    (and you're the one with the perfect face!)

  18. Oh wow. We need Tom Ford here... Like NOW! >.< a friend got Cherry Lush and has been raving about it ever since. Sigh.... Gorgeous.


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