Wednesday, December 14, 2011

China Glaze Colors From The Capitol Collection

I rarely post up press releases on Messy Wands but this shall be a fine exception. I am beyond excited for this Hunger Games-inspired collection by China Glaze available early next year (exact date unknown but you bet I'll let you know as soon as I find out). I see great potential in Riveting, Harvest Moon, Electrify, but if I had to choose one it will be the moss green Agro.

SO. Any Hunger Games fans on Messy Wands? Let's chatter about your favorites from this collection, or about the books, or Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss (which I heartily approve), or that Movie Peeta is blonde (which I disapprove)!


  1. I think that I will be collecting all of these polishes. They all look amazing and I love the earthy tones, it reminds me of the woods Katniss hunts in. Cant wait for the movie to come out, I'm going to be rereading all three books over the holidays.

  2. UGH, don't even get me started on the lame casting for Peeta. And Jennifer Lawrence first struck me as too white to play someone from the seam, but she's grown on me slowly.

    Happy holidays, Xiao!

    <3, Karen from TIC

  3. Alysemae- ooh fantastic idea. I'm tempted to reread but I haven't made a dent in my Game of Thrones reading...

    Karen- HI KAREN! *waves frantically* I wasn't fond of Gale either. Bah we'll see how they perform!

    That true, though I bet they have a ton of bronzer ready to throw on the girl...

    Happy holidays to you too! I'm coming home for the holidays so maybe I'll get to see you? <3

  4. I would also recommend you read Battle Royale, which I thought was excellent as well!

  5. I loooooved the books! I stayed up all night to read them during midterms, they were that captivating. I'm intrigued with the Game of Thrones series too, after watching the show :)

  6. I have no idea what Hunger Games is but those colors are absolutely GORGEOUS! Luxe and Lush looks like it would be a beautiful flakies top coat.

    Can't wait for this collection! I'm definitely going to pick up a few colors.

  7. I'm super excited for this collection.

    But, Peeta is a blond in the books. Although I'm still very iffy on the male leads' casting (but Josh Hutchinson was great in The Kids Are All Right).

    I was a fan of the first two books and then I felt Collins totally messed up the ending of Mockingjay.

  8. Fiona- I'll check it out!

    Wendy- I've been staying away from the show precisely because I'm reading Game of Thrones. I'm only 15% into the second book because I haven't had time :(

    Lindsay- you must read them! It's a great fun series

    J.- I know Peeta is blond in the books but I think I just... ignored that bit and imagined him dark haired. I feel like it suits him (or well, my version of dreamy him) better.

    The first book was my favorite. I feel like the second and third can be so much more than what the author allowed it to be.

  9. Oh I agree, I generally always prefer brunettes! On the books as well.

    Thank you for so much LMdB coverage - I feel like the eye Kaleidoscopes are the only things that get much coverage on other blogs and everything's amazing to look at!

  10. J- My pleasure! Honestly you're gonna hear so much about LMdB in the next few days... but they'll probably be my last LMdB posts till the next big kaleidoscope comes out!


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