Thursday, December 15, 2011

Le Métier de Beauté Lip Kaleidoscopes

More pretty things! This second edition features my (relatively) measly lip kaleidoscope collection. I don't use these as much because I wake up too late every morning and dipping a lip brush through four colors is an additional two minutes I cannot spare (woe the night owl in me).

Les Artistes, details here

Ecumes d'or

Empress, details here

Red Rapture

For those interested in acquiring some vintage kaleidoscopes (and missed out on the ones from John Barrett), I recall seeing a tester of Sterling Beauty, Les Artistes, and Autumn Embers at the Neiman Marcus Boston counter, though I don't know if they still have them in stock. Doesn't hurt to try! You can contact my lovely SA Traci Dastou or the Le Métier artist Shawn Kelly at 617-536-3660 x2111 and inquire about the availability. Do tell them I sent you!

Every time I meet a Le Métier artist I joke that I own half the counter. Turns out I wasn't exaggerating. That's equal parts awesome and awful (oh dear imaginary pursestrings)!

Click here to visit my eye kaleidoscope collection.


  1. I have most of those! The lip collections don't run out as fast as the eyes do! ;) I for sure have all the ones mentioned that you saw at the NM Boston Counter!!!
    Alyx ;)
    Le Métier de Beaute Product Specialist
    Las Vegas

  2. J'adore Ecumes d'or looks intriguing. I'd love to see some swatches.

  3. Alyx- thanks!

    Blushingnoir- still available it seems!

    Leigh- aha it's actually called Ecumes d'or. J'adore is my tacked on sentiment. Dustin created it! I don't think there's any of those left though :(

  4. So does that mean no swatches? Not everything has to be commercialized, Xiao; surely we can admire a kaleidoscope on purely aesthetic grounds. ;p I'm rather curious to see how these colors work together on lips.

  5. Hahaha someday perhaps. I'm feeling a little burnt out from blogging lmdb (you'll see why in the next few days) so I want to look at something else for a bit. Like Burberry mmmmm

  6. Wow, the package is really pretty.

    Do you need to use all 4 colours at once? (Sorry, that's probably a stupid question, but I'm a make-up newbie!)

  7. fabulouslyfrugirl- It is pretty indeed!

    I wrote a tutorial on how to use these kaleidoscopes some time ago. Here's the link:


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