Monday, December 12, 2011

Le Métier de Beauté Eye Kaleidoscopes

A reader gave me a fantastic idea earlier today. Since I can't photograph myself right now, why not photograph some of the prettiest things I have in my makeup drawer? By the way, have we ever discussed my dream to own a beauty closet? I think that's what I need to store these things in a way that makes sense, unlike the haphazard mess taking over half of my study table right now.

While I regret that I don't have the space in my room nor the photography skills to do my Le Métier de Beauté eye kaleidoscope collection justice (if you haven't already, you must read this post where Sabrina showcased her stupendous collection of Chanel quads), I hope you still enjoy the photos below.

this is actually called Aphrodite. It was a gift from my beauty editor at a previous internship

Violaceous Splendor, more details here

Smoldering Embarkment

this one was not for sale. Dustin made a few prototypes and gave me one but it never went to production. I call it "the green kaleidoscope"


The elusive Oscar de la Renta kaleidoscope

Not individually pictured are Silk Road (worn on the eyes in this post), Splendid Frost, Penelope, and of course, Antiquité Poupée.

I'm pretty happy with what I have, but I so fervently wish I was around early enough to purchase Devotion and the amazing Roopal Patel palette. Those are my only two Le Métier de Beauté regrets.


  1. *flails*

    All of the pretties! Look at them! :o

  2. Your collection is gorgeous! *_* While looking at all of your eye kaleidoscope, I think I'm already seeing stars~

  3. Oh My!! Oh My!! I die!!!! .......unbelievably gorgeous. Beyond envious......!! Thx for posting.

  4. So. Jealous. Wow. I have two! I want more. MORE.
    P.S. I miss your face. :)

  5. bmjkjaetrgijo

    ^ That was my jaw hitting the keyboard.

    It almost hurts to look at all this loveliness!

  6. Cosigning everyone. Heart's aflutter!

  7. I will not be jealous, I will not be jealous, I will not be jealous.... Who am I kidding? Not even myself, hahaha. Definitely jealous!

  8. wow... Where could we buy some of these? :D

  9. I cannot tell you how much I hate anyone/everyone who has a LMDB kaleidoscope !!! Arrghh !!!

    But seriously, the one reason I hate where I stay(India) is that the options for high end brands here is so limited. Chanel is available in only two cities. Dior is the only brand that is available in major cities but of course what releases in say July for you, releases in December(if we are lucky) for us.

    My rant aside, I would love to own a LMDB kaleidoscope. Love Devotion, Smoldering Embarkment and Capitol the most.

    There colors look so different yet beautiful on various people , say you or Liz from Cafe Makeup or Charleston Girl or Non-Blonde. Ah I envy you girls !!!

    Ooooh now I can comment - I just unchecked the 'stay signedin' option at log in ! :)

  10. They all look nice but the only one that's ever really caught my attention is Penelope and I've looked everywhere for it. I wish I'd bought it when it was available at Nordstrom. A couple of weeks ago I saw it on Ebay for $295, which is a ridiculous. I hope somewhere down the road they make these permanent.

  11. You. Have. Aphrodite.

    I'd kill, Xiao! KILL. Please do a look photo. Please. I've never seen it in person, and I'd die to see how it looks.

  12. I love the look of these. Smoldering Embarkment is my favorite I think...followed closely by Capitol :)

    Thanks for the great pics ;)

  13. Wow I wish he released that green-eyed one for sale! Your collection is gorgeous!

  14. Great collection! I love the idea of labels on top! I always have to open 2 or 3 before I find the right one, you're a genius and I'm going to copy you.

  15. Beautiful kaleidoscopes, beautiful photography! I keep looking at these photos throughout the day. I'm excited to realize that I have a burgeoning kaleidoscope collection myself, one that includes the "elusive" Oscar de la Renta. Your tutorials benefit me greatly.

    You should do looks with each kaleidoscope, even the unreleased green one. Forget the Great Red Project, it's a Kaleidoscope Project!

  16. I purchased Silk Road last night, because of you I might add lol. So your goal of shamelessly making me buy things is clearly working. I'm very excited to see how LMdB lives up to the hype. I also linked you in my recent post (love your tutorial)!

  17. I love love love this posts. After seeing this and your PSA post I think I need to get VV!

  18. Rae- *flail fest*

    tiffyama- hahaha I love that emoticon!

    DEN- you're the inspiration!

    Tracy- My face is in hiding right now lol

    dani- no your lovely face!

    Julie- <3

    rachlovespenguins- heh!

    Jamilla- my pleasure! Same to you on your Suqqu posts!

    Papish- did you see my latest post? I listed two Le Metier artists who might have some of these available still!

    Swathi- aww I'm so sorry about that :( but some of these shops do ship overseas if you're willing to pay shipping fees?

    Passion4Art- I know we discussed this on the other post, but YAY for you. Take that eBay seller! >:)

    Megan- and now you do tooooo!

    Macbella2- Great picks :)

    Sophia1105- We shall implore the company!

    31a0...- Copy away! It got a little frustrating in the morning and I can't put the kaleidoscopes upside down since a few of my pans are loose. I labelled all my singles as well :) Maybe a picture of that one day...

    Leigh- Thank you! And yes I'm so happy for you :)

    Salina- teehee! Excited for your first LMdB experience, and thanks for the link. Your blog looks lovely, but you posted the wrong URL here (and it was linked to a somewhat sketchy site) :X I would appreciate in the future if you put your URL as part of your login name rather than a link in the comment though :)

    The Ultimate Makeup- Yay!

  19. I soo want a beauty closet! It's not enough to just have storage for everything, but I want it to LOOL beautiful too :)

    I swoon at your Kaleidoscope day I will get my chance!

  20. o.m.g. your Kaleidoscope collection is absolutely amazingggg *u*

    I just started browsing your blog (because of Rae from the Notice), but do you usually review/post about more high end beauty? I find myself lusting over practically everything lol..

  21. Hey!!!!! I just got te pictures for the new kaleidoscopes for spring 2012 text me and I'll send you the pics!!!!!! 7027227400 alyx LMdB Vegas


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