Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Le Métier de Beauté Brown and Metallic Nail Polishes

This last installment absolutely slays me in the foam-in-mouth I-want-all way. Le Métier de Beauté does killer browns and metallics and had the holographic/glitter top coat thing going on way before Nails Inc. came over to the States. Looking at pictures now, I wish I bought all three of the browns and the top coat, but hey, these are not limited edition so we can get it whenever we want! 

L-R: Kona, Bali, La Belle, Tres Taupe, Grey Gardens, Silver Belle, Femme Fatale, Disco Fever

L-R: Kona, Bali, La Belle, Tres Taupe, Grey Gardens, Silver Belle, Femme Fatale, Disco Fever

I knew I couldn't capture accurate colors in the salon so I placed all the tape on a paper and brought it home for a dose of my regular lighting and camera. As you can see, the browns and metallics completely reflected light, so I'm thankful the photograph above was as close to true color as it could be. That taupe color is so intriguing, but I wouldn't purchase that without trying it on my finger before. If you have it, let me know how it looks!

These Le Métier de Beauté nail polishes retail for $18. They are exclusively available at the John Barrett Salon in New York City, but you will be able to order them through the lovely Heather at 212-872-2700 x2714. Let her know I sent you!


  1. Thank you for my dose of happy nail colours!

  2. These colors are so lush! Want them all <3

  3. wowie zowie!!! i love silver belle and femme fatale. will these ever be available for sale nationwide?

  4. Wow! :) Thank you for letting us know about these lovely nail polishes. I have three in mind I'd like to order, but waiting to see if you will by any chance do a post with the ones you picked for yourself, in case you entice me with your beautiful photos of some other color/s on your nails I thought I can do without! lol

  5. OH GOD, I should not have looked..... :) So pretty!

  6. I die! All of the browns/grays need to be mine.

  7. Mmm, browns look like chocolatey goodness. Please come overseas, LMdB!

  8. Jamilla- Now all I need are happy nails to paint them on :(

    Flyavstad- me too T_T

    jeanette- I don't think so, unfortunately. These are specially made for the salon (they have a manicure section) and I heard they weren't even used to be for sale but someone changed the rules and I'm super glad they did!

    Anonymous- I'd like to know what are your three in mind :) Je N'ai Se Quoi will appear on the blog tomorrow so you can take a look, but I won't be featuring the others I bought, which are Mon Petit Cheri, Ma Belle Amie, Tussled Tulle, Mint Bliss, Bon Voyage, and Kona (though I regret not snatching Uma Paro and Bali up) in case you were interested to know :)

    Girlie Blogger- like chocolate yum!

    Tracy- :) the whole time I was doing this I thought "this is how Karla Sugar feels"

    Leigh- Will you be making an order? Would love to know what are your picks!

    peach- #cosign!

  9. Thanks for letting me know which ones you picked :) The three I have in mind are: #1 Gilded lily- don't have a nice rich green like that #2 Tussled tulle- looks like a nice mute color, but wondering if it is too sheer? Is it possible in 2 coats not to see your visible nail line with it? #3 Was Mint bliss, but now you got me thinking Kona! lol, oh shoot, now I'm thinking Bali too! Great & tomorrow I'll be probably thinking Je N'ai Quoi! Just yesterday I received my LMdB in Magic at Dusk thanks to your post on it. I love it, very true to your pics, only downside is on Neiman's site the older colors are still listed at $15 instead of $10 :( I love your blog, always great reviews & pics of not only nails, but of your beautiful face too! x Naomi

  10. Ask me a tough question, why don't you, Xiao? I am fully prepared to place an order in January once the holiday madness has settled down. Here's my wish list:

    Gilded Lily
    Hope Diamond Blue
    Uma Paro
    Mon Petit Cheri
    Ma Belle Amie
    Tussled Tulle
    La Belle
    Tres Taupe
    Grey Gardens

    I swear I'm frothing at the mouth at the prospect of discovering these beauties.

  11. Anon/Naomi- #1 you guys are making me regret Gilded Lily! #2 I can't answer that yet but hopefully someone gets it soon and lets us know :( #3 I think Kona and Bali are SUCH great colors, but I'm totally in a brown mood right now. Give me two months and I'll be all over the pinks/oranges

    Yay for Magic at Dusk. Lucky you too I think there are literally only a few bottles floating around for sale :) Thank you for the kind words! (I promise my face will come back soon. It's just a huge acne problem is refusing to go away right now...)

    Leigh- Nyahahahaha. And don't forget LMdB's resort collection features three very bright nail shades! I bet Grey Gardens will be an unexpected fav with you :D It's one of the nicer grays I've seen. If I didn't already own RBL Stormy I would jump on that in a heartbeat

  12. aw boo. do you know if the salon will ship nationwide if i order? i don't expect to visit NY anytime soon.

    thanks for all these swatches by the way! =)

  13. jeanette- yes they will! I think there is a shipping charge but I cannot be sure what that is. Which ones are you thinking of getting?

  14. yay! i think i'm going to have to order at least a few.
    this is kind of atypical for me but i think i've fallen in love with their blues! maybe because my current nail polish collection is void of blues. their coral color does also look amazing.

    thanks for responding so fast! =)


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