Sunday, September 11, 2011

An Update

There really is no excuse, but here we go:

Rest assured I have not abandoned beauty blogging. I miss writing and photographing for Messy Wands and am constantly brooding (no! think of the wrinkle lines) about my absence, but I just moved in to a new place and I don't have internet and everything is still on the floor, and yes I'm sick of apologizing but it seems like I have to do it again because many things (or at least the lack of internet) is out of my control.

On to more exciting matters, after tallying up all the comments and tweets then using to select a winner, I'm pleased to announce that Wendy W. is the proud owner of a new Les Tendres de Chanel in Les Roses! Wendy, thank you for replying my e-mail so quickly. I will be sure to send out your gift as soon as possible.

Here's a little taste of Niagara Falls, which I visited during my East Coast tour with my family. My sister quite masterfully captured this picture on her phone, which I'm thankful for since I lost my phone along with all the pictures I took of the trip.

Back to unpacking I go. I hope to be back soon!