Friday, September 23, 2011

Nails Inc. Electric Lane Holographic Top Coat

Sephora has been amping up its game lately (Ellis Faas! Koh Gen Do!) and one of the newest additions to their extensive offering is the UK nail polish brand Nails Inc. Ever since I tried on Butter London's All Hail McQueenThe Queen I've been smitten by holographic nails, but I wasn't really sure where I could go to acquire them. Holo nail polish weren't (in fact, aren't) readily accessible. Then, I found out Nails Inc. was crossing the Atlantic, and was bringing with them Electric Lane Holographic Top Coat.

As its name aptly describes, Electric Lane is a top coat that contains fine sparkles (I spot white, pink, and  blue), which when used over other polishes will create a multidimensional effect. In other words, it gives any ol' nail polish the ability to turn into a sparkly, amazing version of itself.

L-R: Electric Lane, Electric Lane layered over Porchester Square, Porchester Square

I can't figure out what happened between the polish on the nail wheel and my own nails, but I swear the color is true to life (on me). For reference, click here to see how they look on Michelle of All Lacquered Up.

Either way, I think Electric Lane is a great addition to any nail wardrobe as an instant amplifier. Think about it: this one top coat effectively doubles your entire collection. Not bad for $10.


  1. Eee!

    All of the above. I love ALL OF THE ABOVE.

    I've been compulsively layering an old China Glaze polish over everything recently - it's a sheer pink pearl from the French Bliss collection, and I'm head over heels for it. I don't know. I don't know! I just really love it! /flails

  2. I agree with rae!!! All are very pretty. But i think if I only have to choose one, the one you're wearing on your nails are the prettiest among the pretties here. :D Oh, this makes me feel like I want to jump in the shimmery trend of nail polishes. :D

    PS. Join my giveaway.


  3. Holographic top coat? Want, no make that a NEED!

  4. Oh I want that holographic top coat.MUST BUY!!!!


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