Monday, September 26, 2011

The Concession to Donning Leopard: Dior Mitzah 5-Couleurs Palette

For an industry that changes its mind in what seems like split seconds, the leopard print remains to be one of the few stalwarts eternally glorified by the fashionable. From coats to bags to shoes, a dash of black dots on yellow ochre fur (we’re told) adds an instant touch of glamour.

This has always been a spot of bother for me (no pun intended). I'm not sure if I'd like donning fur, and I don't have the funds to purchase one anyway. But I can't deny the elegance of the leopard.

Enter Dior's Mitzah collection, inspired by Christian Dior's muse Mitzah Bricard, a woman known for her love of animal prints. It's a carefully curated collection of two nail polishes (Ebony and Camel), a golden bronze mascara, and two leopard-themed (both in color and presentation) palettes. Out of the two palettes, I decided to make the more functional purchase instead of the more stylized one.

Mitzah offers in its five pans a soft ivory, camel, ochre brown, chocolate brown, and a taupe brown. The quint boasts the smooth texture that Dior 5-couleur palettes are known for. Pigmentation was good but for the taupe brown shade that I felt was harder to pick up compared to the rest.  

What better than a cat-eye to complement this palette?

A few readers have e-mailed me inquiring about how I put on my eye makeup when I have uneven lids. Here's a little peek at what I do (at times). I place more of the darker shade on my "monolid" side in an attempt to fake the appearance of a crease. It looks like bad application when you can see my lids in full, but when my eyes are wide open it does help balance both sides out.

I think Mitzah is a beautiful palette of not-so-basic neutral shades that's worth a look, especially with the fall season rushing towards us. Mitzah will no doubt be an excellent companion to its plethora of red and berry lips. 

Dior Mitzah retails for $60 and is a limited edition palette exclusively available at Sephora locations and 


  1. Gorgeous. I need this now. I just hope that my local Sephora hasn't sold out by now.

  2. This is my new favorite go-to palette! I can't say enough good things about it, it's simply gorgeous!! Love your look! I swear you can't go wrong with this quint!

  3. I saw these palette recently on another blog.'s so lovely.

  4. This is gorgeous! I think this palette is the best part of the Dior Mitzah collection. So, so smooth. :)

  5. Love love love! Want want want! I've always been more of a zebra-print girl, but lately I've been obsessed with leopard. =D

  6. Hi Xiao! Do you remember what colors you used for your cheek and lips in this look? I love it!

  7. Oh gosh. I can't be absolutely sure, but Clinique black honey shimmer brick and Kate spade supercalifragilipstick in bashful nude?

  8. Lovely~ Xiao, Cat eye tutorial please!!!


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