Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm almost back!

It's been a long absence and I miss this space dearly. I'll be back in a week and my fingers are already itching at the thought. It's like writing my very first post all over again.

Read this yesterday and fluttered about the room. Floored that I am in such company.

Don't forget to enter my first ever (Chanel!) giveaway before the 9th! Love all of you and can't wait to speak to you again.


  1. it is well deserved. i really enjoy reading your blog. your writing style is "fabulous." xx

  2. Congrats and GOOD LUCK! :) Welcome back!

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you have had any allergic reactions to LmDB's lip glosses? Dryness, itchness? I'm so sad I purchased creme de creme lip gloss from bergdorf online and wore it twice and my lips became dry, patchy, and itchy. I believe it is because of the lanolin oil ingredient. I googled this and found a few others had the same issue with the glosses. What makes me more sad is that I can't return it since it is used. :(

  4. Hi Laura,

    I'm so sorry to hear you had a bad experience with them :( No, I do not have any allergic reactions to any of LMdB's lip products, but I have heard of people who avoid them due to the lanolin.

    While I don't know if it'll work, I would suggest contacting their customer service and letting them know that you are allergic to the product. Maybe they will allow you to return it since it really wasn't your fault :(


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