Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some Updates

The Kate Spade lipstick line has finally landed in stores (via umbrella? haha). If you haven’t heard, Kate Spade collaborated with Poppy King for a capsule collection of four lipstick/gloss hybrids dubbed Supercalifragilipsticks.

Picture of a spread in O Magazine, taken from katespadeny.tumblr.com

Picture taken from stylefrizz.com

From the pictures, it looks like the available colors are a classic red, a discreet nude, a tasteful pink, and a bright fuchsia. I’m curious to see how they fare, though I will probably pick up only one of them (a girl has to stop somewhere. I already have two million of these “basic” shades).

Of course, just as I was about to hit publish I happened across Karla Sugar's amazing swatches of these babies. Now I can't wait to pop by my local Kate Spade store. Pop Art Pink is calling out to me!

This is not really news, but did you know Fresh Cosmetics was founded in Boston? I totally didn’t! And here I was lamenting we didn’t have anything exciting going on (beauty-wise. Companies, some attention here please!). I tried out a sample of their Soy Face Cleanser some time ago and loved it. I also tested out one of their Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments (in newly released shade Passion, courtesy of incredible ex-boss Polly Blitzer), which made me want to go out and purchase the other existing shades at once. I have to review it soon! It's a life changer.

Now I have this unopened tub of Rose Face Mask from Fresh that’s begging to be used. In fact, I think I’ll get off this space and pamper myself for a bit. Have a good night!


  1. What a stellar name for a lipstick line, I love it!

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  3. i've been curious about this lipstick line for a while now. i'm looking forward to your review once you try it out! =)

    fresh's basic sugar lip treatment is my HG lip balm. whenever i apply it before i go to bed i wake up with perfectly moisturized lips. i highly recommend it!


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