Thursday, September 22, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Fall/Winter Nail Lacquer Giveaway

Since Le Metier de Beaute generously sent me their Fall/Winter Silk Road nail lacquers, I now have extras (that I purchased from before + were gifted by my ex-colleagues) of a few of them in my collection. I'm not one to let good nail polishes go to waste, so giveaway time it is!

Top-bottom: Dynasty, Anatolia, Urban Dweller

I will be giving away one each of Dynasty, Anatolia, and Urban Dweller to three lucky winners! (Edit: Just realized the wording here is potentially confusing. Each winner will win one polish - hopefully the color of his/her choice.)

There are a few ways you can enter to win one of these polishes:

1) Leave a comment on this article. It can be about anything - what's your guilty pleasure, when do you plan to use the colors, how much you dread winter etc. Please leave your e-mail address in any part of the comment so I have a means to contact you if you win (alternatively, you can e-mail me at messywands [at] gmail [dot] com if you don't feel comfortable letting your personal email be known to public). Be sure to mention which of the three is your favorite!

2) You can earn a second entry by following me on Twitter AND tweeting about this giveaway. You have to include @xiaoo in your tweet and link back to this feature for it to count as an entry.

The deadline for this giveaway is September 30 at midnight. I will pick three winners at random the next day and inform them via e-mail. The winners will have 72 hours to respond and provide a valid shipping address. If any one of the winners does not respond within 72 hours, the prize will be forfeited, and I will pick another winner.

Unfortunately, since shipping policies for nail polishes can be a huge pain (and expensive), this contest is only open to readers from the United States.

Good luck and spread the word!


  1. Oh la la how generous :) My guilty pleasure is obviously an inhuman addiction to makeup!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Whee, I love giveaways! I love them all, but I don't have anything like Urban Dweller, so I'd probably have to say that's the one I'm most interested in. I had my third day of grad school orientation today, and I am just about schmoozed-out. Small talk is *not* my strength!

  3. OMG! Never tried about from LMdB as it's waaaaaaaaay too expensive, LOL. I've heard great things about their eyeshadows though. I think the most expensive brands I've ever bought from is probably... Urban Decay. ~hangs head in shame~ My favourite is Anatolia, and then Urban Dweller.=P My email is!

  4. bags, shoes and makeup are my guilty pleasures. :) all 3 colors are divine, but urban dweller is my fav. xx

  5. I just bought my first LMdB polish, Dionysus from the summer collection. It's just gorgeous. Urban Dweller I think is my favorite from this collection. I love dark polishes especially in the fall/winter. Thanks for having this contest! You already got me hooked on lip cremes. Maybe LMdB polish is next!

  6. I actually love winter because of no-frizz hair days and cozy sweaters!

  7. oooo Urban Dweller looks really pretty! Painting my nails in darker colors is definitely a guilty pleasure that I've been indulging in lately!

  8. Dynasty is my favorite! such a gorgeous red! I do dread winter... i hate the cold and i just moved to GA and im afraid of snow -.- I just want to hibernate through it all.
    someoneSunshine at gmail dot com
    Twitter: Some1Sunshine!/Some1sunshine/status/117252762164658176

  9. I think Urban Dweller is my favorite...but all are quite lovely! I am a bit of a polish and makeup addict- I own way more of both than I ever wear!

  10. Anatolia is my favorite! I don't dread winter at all, I look forward to wearing all those Christmas & winter polishes!! ;-)

    GFC: Ruth

    I'm following you on Twitter and tweeted:!/RuthGBCN/status/117288682662281217

    (I'm from Spain but I can provide a US shipping address in case I win)

    Thanks! xx

  11. Love this giveaway!!

    GFC: preciouspearl
    email: preciouspearl at gmail dot com

    My fav color is Anatolia.

    I do dread winter. I hate cold weather though I love the snow :D

    Twitter: pearlmakeup
    Tweeted link:!/pearlmakeup/status/117292797198995457

  12. Hi there! Thanks for the giveaway. I played with Urban Dweller when I stopped by Neiman Marcus and loved it. Don't know why I didn't buy it at the time (probably because I am loyal to my wonderful Nordstrom LMDB SA, or at least try to be). Anyway, would love to enter the contest: e [dot] helen [dot] robinson at gmail [dot] com.

  13. Delete Comment From: Messy Wands
    Sorry, had to repost because I've been meaning to change the name that shows up!

    Oh, I dread winter (and autumn somewhat) because my hands get really dry and they crack and bleed if I don't apply lotion CONSTANTLY.
    This isn't exactly a guilty pleasure but it is fun: I like to step on crunchy-looking leaves!
    My favorite is Urban Dweller but I'd love to try any of them...the small bottles are so darn cute!
    ladyisla [at] gmail [dot] com is my email

  14. I would say my favorite would be Dynasty, with Urban Dweller a close second.

    My guilty pleasure is cupcakes, and expensive makeup!

    my email is anb2007(at)aol(dot)com

  15. I love Anatolia. The LMDB nail polishes are the bomb!

  16. Lovely contest! Thanks to your beautiful tutorial with the Penelope kaleidoscope, I finally caved and bought it and the champagne dualistic eye pencil during the NM beauty event. So glad I did, I am really in LOVE with them. So, high end makeup is definitely a guilty pleasure!

    I think my favorite polish of the 3 is Anatolia.

    Thank you and look forward to more tutorial posts! I have Asian monolids, so I really appreciate your expertise :)

    aewong7 at gmail dot com

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Urban Dweller looks amazing. Really falling in love with LMDB.
    Twitter @Ti_Park

  19. Anatolia is definitely my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway! And good to see you back posting regularly.


  20. Anatolia is my favorite -- so gorgeous! My guilty pleasure is '70s color-blocking: oranges and reds, reds and purples... I think Anatolia would look GORGEOUS with a red blouse and my mustard midi skirt :)!!

  21. I think Dynasty would be my pick here. There's something about reds that really has me going this year! Thanks for this giveaway =) My gmail address is "cuteandmundane"


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