Sunday, September 25, 2011

Holiday Covets

Information on Holiday 2011 collections is slowly trickling onto the web, and I wanted to share the few that I'm looking forward to. I apologize for not showing pictures of these collections directly. I didn't want to take them off these sites without the owners' permission.

Clickety click for Holiday pretties:

NARS - not terribly exciting, but I'm intrigued by the multiple

YSL - oh the highlighter

Shu Uemura Rouge Et Bleu - Shu Uemura is collaborating with renowned director Wong Kar Wai for a collection. MUST HAVE

Dior - I must say, Dior has been so good with their quints recently

And of course...

Chanel - of which I will probably buy close to everything


  1. I am inexplicably drawn to the YSL eyeshadow palette. I pretty much wear browns but I have been drawn to blacks/grays recently. There's also the Chanel noir/ivoire, but it's stlll the YSL I keep thinking about. And I have to get the new red Chanel polish. Have. To. I can't wait to see which ones you get!

  2. Drooling over YSL, Dior, and Chanel:)

  3. im so looking forward to Armani later this year: 2 new fluid sheers, ETK stretch formula mascara. *melts*

  4. The brown shadow from the NARS collection has really caught my eye. I cannot wait until all these collections start popping up online and at counters!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. I'm curious about the Shu Uemura collection!


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