Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs in Les Gris 05 Swatches, Photos, Review

I haven't had a complete look of Guerlain Fall yet, but so far I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised by the newly launched 4-color palettes. I've fallen prey to my share of the 6-pan palettes of yesteryear, and while I reveled in its luxury and construction, the textures of the colors itself often left me in disbelief that I was gullible enough to dish out $84 for it. 

When I heard about these new palettes, I was curious but not too excited, thinking it would be more of the same thing, and was secretly relieved I will be saving some money. Of course that wasn't the case. Guerlain tweaked the formula of these shadows, making them texturally superior to the 6-pans. I find them much more pigmented, blendable, and finely milled than before. I haven't played with the rest, but in Les Gris' case, there isn't a problem child in the bunch (something not all the 6-pans could boast).

Note: If this piques your interest, Amy of Cafe Makeup has a fantastic preview of the complete Guerlain Fall collection.

To showcase Guerlain Les Gris' full potential, I decided to emulate the Guerlain Fall promo picture of Natalia Vodianova. Needless to say, with my level of expertise (and features), I couldn't recreate the exact look featured on her, but I hope you enjoy my version. Since I don't have the new Rouge G Garconne, I used the only other red I thought could match up to it.

Guerlain Les Gris on eyes, Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque on lips

These new 4-pans are $59 a pop, though you will be getting two less colors than before. Still wince-worthy, but not as painful to stomach in one go. Also, they're so much more worth it with this new formula.

For great pictures of Les Gris and some other palettes, take a look at The Beauty Look Book's preview - the woman makes me want to buy everything.


  1. You look stunning! And, as always, your review is giving me additions to my wishlist...so many pretties!

  2. This is a gorgeous look. I love you eye look.

  3. Damn, girl! You look absolutely amazing - like a model straight out of a magazine spread :) Dragon is absolutely perfect on you!

  4. Love the look, I think you did a good job of replicating, but I think they put a lot of black in the corner and the crease. But I think I like the way you did it better. The other way is too dramatic.

  5. stumbled upon your blog from google search! gosh u're so gorgeous!! im half mono lid half double lid too!! it's kinda frustrating when i do my makeup sometimes...

  6. I don't know whether I'm excited or disappointed these are better than the Ecrin 6 palettes. I was very disappointed in those and, like you, I was a little relieved at the money I'd save avoiding these new quads. Guess I'd better start saving!
    LOVE Dragon on you!

  7. This is such a gorgeous look - you look beautiful! Chanel Dragon is such a beautiful color...*sigh* Also, your hair is perfect, I'm so jealous :D

  8. Dragon is hot on you! I too was never impressed with the 6 pan palettes. So far the review has been positive on these new palettes. I can't wait to play with them in person.

  9. Your makeup look has successfully made me wish for late autumn/early winter. I cannot wait to wear these deep shades regularly!

    ♥ Jessica

  10. all i could do was stare at your lips omg! that color is amazing on you! the perfect red for ur skin tone!

  11. I loveee the lip color! Great look ;)

  12. @Amy thank you :)

    @Jacqueline thanks!

    @Rae aww you <3

    @D... I think they were using Les Noirs for the beauty look, which would explain the amount of black. Thanks!

    @Shely thank you! haha yay someone who understands!

    @Christa Well they're still very basic colors. It's nice to have but I feel like with our stashes nothing is really a need

    @Larie thank you!! My hair was being so nice to me that day. and yes Chanel Dragon is amazing. I should make a point to wear it more often.

    @Kristie I think Dragon is the one lip item that would look hot on everyone!

    @Jessica I wish for autumn all year :D

    @Lilladylife hehe love Dragon!

    @lexi920 :)

    @wuguimei thanks!

  13. I have a couple of the 6 pan palettes and I agree that the textures were variable. You've done nothing to dissuade me from the pursuit of this beauty. If only I could wear red as well as you, I'd be a happy lady!

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  15. The Chanel Dragon lipstick is absolutely amazing on you!I ordered two of them off ebay yesterday. I hate that Chanel discontinued this lipstick. :(


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