Saturday, August 13, 2011

Do you put on makeup when you travel?

I've been hinting for the past few posts that I will be having luggage problems (and turns out I'm accurate. Overweight fees here I come), which is my way of letting you know I will be flying out of the States tomorrow. Unfortunately, this also means I will be updating less for the next three weeks. After my 30+ hour flight, I will be lingering in Malaysia for a mere ten days before hauling my bags over again for a two-week trip with my family on the East Coast (Miami-Niagara Falls-New York-Boston). Never have I been so full of excitement and dread to go home. Those 30 hours of stale cabin air is going to ruin my skin.

Which brings me to my question: do you put on makeup when you travel? I may be an absolute fiend about makeup but when it comes to long haul flights I refuse to get decked out in any way. I've seen women with mascara while crossing the Atlantic Ocean, and at the back of my mind I wondered if they removed it when they went to sleep and reapplied it after, or had them on all the way. Wouldn't it be uncomfortable? Isn't sleeping in your makeup a sin

However, my luggage is grossly overweight. As per @poseylass' suggestion, I should wear red lips and look for a male agent when I'm at the check-in counter.

But I think my situation is so bad no amount of makeup can help. Ah well.

Speaking of red lips (actually it's totally unrelated), I decided to have a bit of fun and join Bobbi Brown's Pretty Powerful 2.0 contest. She's choosing 51 winners (one from each state) and one of them will stand a chance to go to New York for a master class with Bobbi herself, win some goodies, and be the face of the campaign. I will be so thrilled if you'd like to vote for me, which you can do so here

If you would like to know more about the Pretty Powerful 2.0 campaign, visit

Now I have to go board my plane. Have a good weekend and see you when I'm on the other side of the world! xo


  1. I usually wear a little mascara and concealer, regardless of where I'm traveling. It makes me feel more confident! However, I also rarely sleep on planes - it just doesn't happen for me. I do like the suggestion of the red lippie tho; super hot!

  2. I'm the ugliest person when I travel while flying. I wear no makeup (except for powder and foundation, maybe a bit of bronzer) and stretchy clothes.

    I've heard everyone say sleeping in your makeup is a sin but I've done it multiple times. Every time I regret it. Perhaps if you want to wear makeup but are concerned part of the way through you can bring facial wipes? If they make a package small enough for travel somewhere?

    BTW - I voted for you and tweeted it! I will shamelessly be retweeting it over and over!

  3. I do wear a little makeup when I fly (if I didn't I would scare the h@ll out of people and we don't need more screaming babies do we???). I rarely sleep on planes- I am a nervous flyer though.

    I love the red lippie idea though =)

    I voted and tweeted and will re-tweet too!

    I hope you win!

  4. I don't care how I look, if it is a long flight, the most I will put is a lipstick. I can't imagine having all that make up on, it will make me feel uncomfortable. I voted, good luck!

  5. @Alex Kay Haha love it! I'm such a sloth when traveling

    @Sabrina My sweater stretched out by the end of my flight. I looked like I was wearing a dress. Thank you thank you thank you for the RT and vote!

    @makeup merriment hahaha I had a screaming baby in every single one of my flights. and all of them were right in front of me. Thank you for your vote and tweet <3

    @Material Girl thank you!

    @Jacqueline I saw a girl looking all fab after a 13 hour flight yesterday. I just... smiled. lol. Thank you for your vote :)

  6. Voted for you! I love what you said about passion and fulfillment.

    I don't wear makeup when I fly (except a bit of tinted moisturizer, because I absolutely cannot go out bare-faced) although on my last flight out of the country I found myself putting on eyeshadow and lip gloss just before we were about to land...

  7. Just voted for you! Best of luck!

    I wear eyeliner when I fly, but usually bring a bit of blush and tinted moisturiser with me to put on after landing in case the long haul flight made me look dreadful and tired.

  8. This is a great lip color on you - is it Ellis Faas Red?

  9. Oh my, what is the red on your lips in the photo? It is gorgeous!!


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