Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Brick House

I'm home! A celebratory dance should ensue but every muscle in my body is aching like you wouldn't believe. I'm still jet lagged (which isn't all that surprising since it has only been two days) and decided not to unpack since I'll be flying off in a week. Let's just say I've been using the same shade of eyeshadow for the past three days because it's just so hard to dig through the luggage. Eek!

Here's a quick look at Brick House, one of Deborah Lippmann's fall offerings, which I thought I should post up while it's still available in stores.

Brick House is a metallic orange-red that personally feels more appropriate for Christmas. (That said, a little bird told me as long as you dip your nails into anything metallic or foil-y you'll be right on trend for this fall.) This is my first Deborah Lippmann polish, and I was glad it lived up to its name. Application was so smooth I could have sworn the color glided right into place on its own.  

I didn't put a top coat over this and went to sleep before it completely dried and took the pictures the day after, which might explain why the polish looks scratched. I believe with a layer of top coat (or longer drying time) that wouldn't have happened. The entire Deborah Lippmann nail line as a whole has a wonderful reputation. Now that I had my first taste, I'm almost afraid of what's to come after.

Once again, I apologize for my current lack of updates. I am/will be traveling for the next three weeks so it'll be really hard for me to update frequently, if at all. I added a new Tutorials page on top for easy access to my previous tutorials if you would like to visit/revisit them. I will also be hosting my first ever "I'm sorry for being MIA" giveaway soon! Check back within the next two weeks for more details on how to enter and what's the prize. I promise it'll be worth the hiatus.


  1. This is such a gorgeous nail polish, I must get it! I hope you enjoy time with your family :)

    Thank you for the post, I'll definitely get it.

  2. Really like this colour!

    Have to admit saw your post title on my dashboard and sang 'Briiick Hoooouse!' ;)

    Enjoy your travels!

  3. I love it! Safe trip and rest well!=D

  4. I do believe I need this. I've been on a MAD Deborah Lippmann spree lately and have amassed quite a collection in no time at all!

  5. I'm hardly a nail fanatic, but Lippmann is my favorite brand of polish. The quality is just impeccable.

  6. I really like lippmann polishes! This one is pretty. (I still can not follow your blog it says: We´re sorry we can not handle your request, please try again later" -maybe one has to be invited to follow your blog? Or is it some kind of link-virus (which I supect my blog suffers from)


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