Friday, February 10, 2012

Paul and Joe Spring 2012: Face and Eye Color CS in 076 Siamese, Please

After hearing from Getting Cheeky that the Paul and Joe Lipstick C in Meow! is already sold out on, I went into full panic mode to churn out this post. Originally this was supposed to go up a little later (I'll explain why in a bit) but I decided to move it up just in case. Wouldn't want everything to be sold out before you guys can get your hands on it, right? 

Out of the three palettes available for spring, I chose the no-brainer, Face and Eye Color CS in 076 Siamese, Please. Why do I need another brown palette, you ask? I can defensively cite the number of brown palettes I own (surprisingly not many) but really it's just because the cat in the palette has her eyes closed and I can see her three distinctive lashes. Such attention to detail is what I live for!

The palette consists of a beige-nude, a very warm copper brown, and (what I think of as) a generic dark brown with microshimmer. I wish more palettes swatched like these shadows. I barely had to dip my finger into the color to produce this. The texture was in line with what I'm starting to expect from all Japanese brands, so buttery smooth that it should be spread over toast and happily consumed. How is it that Japanese companies can consistently produce such quality items? And can everyone else please start taking a leaf out of their books?

Of course, I did a cat eye to go with the cat palette. Would you expect anything less from me?  

The reason I wanted to post this up later was because I wanted to separately feature the accompanying lip shades in the photos below before I get to the eye look. I was going to say something about universality or ease of use or "pair it with whatever you like!" but I'm sure you girls already knew that. It is a brown palette, after all. 

Since my plan was thwarted, let's resurrect the guessing game! Want to take a gander at what lipstick/gloss I'm wearing in the pictures below? The hint is: one is a lipstick, one is a gloss, and one is a mixture of both. The products used are relatively new to the US market. 

Here's the ingredient list for those who need it:

Paul and Joe Face and Eye Color CS in 076 Siamese, Please retails for $36. Danielle of Bloomin' Beauty (thanks love!) alerted me to a whole slew of e-tailers that carry Paul and Joe goodies. Other than, you can also visit and to secure your goodies. While the Asos price is higher compared to regular retail, you can use the code "retailmenot20" to secure 20 percent off your entire cart! If this palette (or anything else in the collection) strikes your fancy, my advice is to get it this very minute. Hot cakes don't even hold a candle to these kittens.


  1. Really pretty shadows! I'm so very tempted to get this palette and the blush sticks. Although I would be kind of sad to use them.. especially the blush sticks because the kitty with the little hat is just too darn adorable. Thank you for the review! You look lovely as always. :)

  2. It's soooooo pretty! I want all the cat palettes from the spring collection, all the cat lipsticks too :). Thanks for posting, Love it!

  3. The browns and coppers look really great on you! The shimmers look so *glowy* on your eyelids :Q
    I'm not too good with my bright pink lipsticks, maybe Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in L'Exuberant?

  4. I am most tempted by this palette and the cat pawprint lipsticks. I think they would keep their design best with use, plus the colors in this one are just so pretty!

  5. I love this look on you! Can you please share what you used to line your eyes? Thanks! :)

  6. reene- thank you! I'm waiting to get the blush sticks too :)

    Tere- hehehe. I exercised rationality. I know I wouldn't use the purple and green palettes so I held off on it.

    Joanne- Thank you :) and nope, but thanks for guessing!

    Project Swatch- Indeed :) I kinda just smeared the tail portion a little bit.

    Purpleanel- thank you! I used Le Metier de Beaute Precision Liquid Liner in Noir then went over it with the dark brown shade so that it wouldn't look super harsh

  7. Oh my god, Xiao, this is amazing! The palette is adorable (of course), but it's your look with it that really gets me. (The liner is absolutely tdf.)

    I'm going to stop now because all I ever do on Messy Wands is show up and ramble excessive <3 <3 <3s at you, but. Yes.

  8. You look great in these colours!! I love my P&J!

  9. How could I use that palette, seriously! I wouldn't want to ruin the cute pattern :( These eyeshadows look super pigmented too :)

  10. this is very pretty on you! I don't have anything from this brand BUT I am really needing some. their packaging and design is too cute

  11. Ah this is such a nice palette! I'd cry if I had to use it though, so I'm probably not getting anything from this collection :( Silly I know, but I just can't!!!

  12. Love you, love this palette on you and I LOVE the cat eye. You're tempting me again!

    ♥ Jessica

  13. This is so cute, and I don't even like cats. I'm also a non-pet-owning blogger *fist bump* Hey, if we collect enough of the animal-theme palettes, it's kind of like being pet owners, right? ;)

  14. My parents have cats around when I visit them, but I'm still struggling to keep a plant alive in my apartment.

    This cat-themed collection is too cute for words. I ordered both Siamese, Please and Kittycat from Beautyhabit last night. I also picked up the Central Park West palette on sale. As adorable as the packaging for the lipsticks and blushers are, I passed on them because it seems like their formula isn't superior.

  15. I love this, and yes I ordered it because of you *shakes fist* I can't wait for it to arrive and thanks for the mention dear ;)

  16. The packaging is so adorable. Love it.


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