Friday, August 24, 2012

Upcoming Releases from Paul & Joe

Don't you just love really getting into a new brand? Recently I've been hanging around the Paul & Joe counter more often and have been surprised by the quality of their products at such a low price point. I'm now itching to try their skincare (from what I've seen so far, very moisturizing and chock full of hyaluronic acid) and would love to procure every single one of their boxed powders. 

I first previewed the Powder CS blushes in this post. They are super pigmented and long lasting, and to my recollection feature no scent. It comes with a tiny brush, but I can see myself chucking that into the bin immediately. Packaging-wise, my favorite is the geometric print but the blush in the pelican case fits my skintone the best. The box powders retail for $30 each.

The new lipstick range comes in three finishes: Sheer, Natural, and Full Coverage. The Sheer lipsticks are basically lip balms (barely showed up on me), while the Natural ones are what other brands would call "sheer lipsticks." On the other hand, the Full Coverage lipsticks are crazy pigmented! I tried on #304 (a vibrant red) and it lasted without feathering for eight straight hours. Unfortunately, it was also staining. My lips were a few shades redder after complete removal and remained so into the next day. 

These are the lipstick holders you can place the bullets into. I think the third from the right is just genius on their part, considering the majority of beauty bloggers I know are cat fanatics. The holder retails for $5 while the lipsticks go for $17 (the old formula was $20).

This is how the lipstick looks slotted into a holder

In celebration of Paul & Joe's 10th Anniversary, the owner and creator of the brand Sophie Mechaly curated a makeup kit of essentials, titled the Love Story Makeup Collection. It is made up of a Pressed Powder Duo, Face Color, and five Eye Color sheets, and comes with a soft pouch.

As with all Paul & Joe items, the powders feature quite an amount of shimmer. I thought I wouldn't like it but they were beautiful and more understated when swatched. When combined, the blush is a peachy coral while the highlighter was shimmery white. I was skeptical about the Eye Sheets and told Alex (the SA) that they look like sample eye shadows. She said there is a fair amount of product in each sheet, but I'd personally treat it as a bonus feature rather than the raison d'être to buy this set (said reason, in my opinion, would be the pouch). 

The Love Story Makeup Collection will be available October 2012 at and Bergdorf Goodman for $100. The fall lipsticks should be available in a couple of weeks, while I already spotted the lovebird blushes in store. If you need a contact or have any questions, Alex and Caroline of Bergdorf's Paul & Joe counter will be available to help you at 212.872.8648 and 212.872.2759.

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  1. I want ALL of the boxed favourite being the black box with red flowers...pity paul and joe is no longer available in singapore :( how much are they in USD?

  2. Just a quick look tells me the blush in the geometric box would probably suit me better, but that bird box.... (I think it's a pelican, maybe) Oh how I adore that box.

  3. Everything looks so cute! Being able to pick your own lipstick case is genius and all of the patterns are super appealing. I'd love to try the Full Coverage lipsticks if they're that long lasting! Here's hoping I can find a counter at some point.

  4. That blush looks super pretty! I have never tried anything from Paul&Joe but I really want this set. And that pouch is definitely gorgeous. I'm not sure about those Eye Color sheets though. I really don't like the idea of applying face color in sheet form (like those blush and highlighter sheets from Sephora)

  5. You make me want to buy one of these blushes! Packaging is gorgeous! Do they have good quality brushes? They have shops in Paris but Ive never bought anything from this brand...

  6. Paul & Joe packaging is just really cute! Unfortunately this brand is pulled out from Singapore and Malaysia so I have no choice but have to buy it online.
    The blush is so pretty! Is the blushes well pigmented and long lasting?

  7. Everything looks so beautiful!! Especially love the vintage prints on the lipsticks!!

  8. i love this packaging! i haven't tried any Paul & Joe but definitely need to one of these days!

  9. Paul & Joe always has the cutest packaging! I like that this, and many other Japanese cosmetics as well, is unscented.

  10. I LOVE what they're doing with the lipsticks, and you're so right about the cat hahaha! The fifth tube from the left is so pretty, I can never resist their packing.

  11. OMG! this collection is a tentation! i think i will have a very long chrismass wishlist this year!
    And those packaging.... So cute!!!

  12. Paul and Joe always have the cutest packaging!

  13. although popular in japan, i believe paul & joe is a french brand?

    1. O.O well that made a lot more sense. Edited the post to reflect this. Thanks!


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