Thursday, August 23, 2012

In Which I Get 'Editorial': Lush Emotional Brilliance

Let me preface this by saying it's entirely unintentional that for both my Lush looks I had a wind machine (or an AC unit blowing in my face) and a glossy eye on (which promptly smudged my mascara like crazy in thirty seconds). I don't quite remember what was going on, but it sounds like I had fun.

L-R: Lush Focus, Wise, Strong

L-R: Strong, Focus, Wise

Some time ago, I was sent three random products from the Lush Emotional Brilliance line to review (so, no. This is not a product of the "pick a color" game). I was glad a lip product was included because to be honest, I have never been sold on a liquid eye product. Even Ellis Faas, whose eyeshadow formula I absolutely adore, gets the back-of-the-drawer treatment in my book. Just because liquid eyeshadows are so tricky.

That said, I'll try anything.

L-R: Wise applied with fingers, Wise applied with brush

The foremost question on my mind when using liquid products is how to blend so they look natural. On my right eye, I tried applying the shadow with the doe foot wand, then finger-blending it. On the left eye, I applied with the Shu Uemura #10 synthetic fiber brush. Perhaps it's my lack of expertise, but the result is as you see in the picture above. To its credit, after the eyeshadow dried it didn't crease or budge at all.

"Wind machine" aside, lips: Cle de Peau Enriched Lip Luminizer #1

On the other hand, I definitely get along with liquid lip products. In fact, I was just searching for an orange-red that was orange enough without actually being orange (think about that a minute) when I received Strong. The formula is lightweight and slick, as in when you first press your lips together it slips around. I had no trouble applying it with the included wand, and in my tests it stays on until you have a giant oily meal. My applicator was a little loose at the base, but it could be that my sample was just defective. The only thing that bothered me was there's a sort of plastic taste and smell to the formula. By no means off-putting since I don't intend to eat my lipstick, but good to note.

Glossy eye courtesy of Le Métier de Beauté Magic Lustre Cream

I'm perhaps one of the last bloggers to be writing about this, but I would like to say that we might all be a little hard on the brand. After all, it is their first cosmetics collection, and as much as I won't be purchasing the eye products, I do believe the liquid lipsticks stand a fighting chance in the current market. It's at a relatively affordable price point and boasts a much wider range compared to its more conservative counterparts (I mean, they have one that's straight up purple), so I definitely think Lush is on to something. 

Lush Emotional Brilliance products retail for $22.95 and can be found at Lush stores or

The products in this post was sent by the PR of the company for editorial consideration.


  1. OOooh Wands, I adore your glossy eyes. :) Totally editorial.

  2. I have three. Bought on my own. Convinced myself when I was in store and testing. haha. But I have yet to really use it.

  3. I'm put off by the marketing and that's why I won't even consider buying it. I find the idea of using a makeup color to say I'm strong or wise weird and stupid.

  4. I'm definitely not sold on these. I don't like how it's lying on the skin. I think there are better products and while people might be harsh about these, if you're a cosmetics company putting out a first line wouldn't you want it to be as close to ideal as possible? After all there is a lot of competition out there with better products. On the other hand the LMdB lustre cream looks awesome! :)

  5. I'm with Evelyn. If this is your first line, wouldn't you want it to blow everyone out of the water? I don't like how they lie on the skin so much just like her-it feels weird, like it never becomes one with your skin or lips. I'm not huge on products I can feel being there. I'm ADD enough and don't need to be distracted by my makeup haha!
    You look lovely wind blown Cheekz!

  6. Your face... YOUR FAAAACE!

    That is all.

  7. One thing to note, this isn't Lushes first cosmetic line. They had a whole line called B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful. Either way, I think it's totally fair to hold them to some sort of standard for this line... if some of the products aren't up to par with others on the market or are overpriced for what they are, then I would hope reviewers would note that.

  8. God you look so amazing in bright, orangey-reds. Jealous!!!

  9. I think the "Emotional Brilliance" psychological aspect of this line is good fun. I have one of the lipcolours and it's fantastic - intense colour, long lasting and really comfortable. "Wise" does seem to apply badly unfortunately - shame as I love the colour.

  10. i love the cle de peau on you! so pretty, now i must investigate... None of those lush shades really stood out to me, unfortunately, but i did buy the charisma skin tint which i enjoy!

  11. You should always wear red lips and take pics with wind machines. Love!


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