Monday, August 20, 2012

One Woman's Freckles Is Another Woman's...

... skin condition. I kid, I kid!

On a whim – I blame that taupe eyebrow pencil I had lying around – I decided to dot on some freckles to see how I'd look. 

image via

While the model above is cute as a button (and potentially leopard-sexy), I on the other hand look like I need to put on sunblock. Maybe the trick is more concentrated dots?

If you're interested in replicating the look, here are the products I used:

Clockwise: Serge Lutens makeup base, Suqqu Keshizumi, By Terry 100, By Terry 200, LMdB Fawn*, Guerlain Rouge Automatique #100

L-R: bT 200, bT 100, LMdB Fawn, Suqqu Keshizumi

To dot on the freckles, warm the pencil on the back of the hand, then put the pencil on your cheek and roll it a little without altering position. Taupe shades replicate freckles in the most natural way.

As an aside, that Serge Lutens makeup base costs $80, and unless I'm using it wrong (I sweep it onto the eye, how else am I supposed to use it?), it's absolutely horrible. Creases within application. What's wrong with this picture?

The product(s) marked with * is provided by the company as a gift during a press event.


  1. Serge Lutens' products are expensive. $80 that doesn't work? OMG. Asian woman don't like freckles, you're so brave to test it out. You look very natural and healthy with it. :-)

  2. As with the comment above, my mom hates her freckles too (she's Asian), but I actually think some Asians can pull it off. I'll have to try this some time!

  3. Haha Wandz, you are so cute. I have freckles. :( On my nose, especially. I guess they're okay. Even though I sometimes stare at them in frustration and shout, "ASIAN GIRLS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE FRECKLES." And then I think of Lucy Liu and how hot she is and I calm down a bit. Plus, S. says he likes them. ;)

  4. I think the makeup base is meant more as a primer for the face, not necessarily the eyes (areas around the nose, etc, that need a little smoothing/concealing). I could be wrong, though, since I don't actually own it!

  5. HAHA Cheekz you are too cute! I think they look cute, but put more around and on your nose-that's the first place people get them. :)

  6. I love freckles! You did a nice job of making the freckles look natural but I think it would look better if they went across the bridge of your nose and under your eyes- not even venturing on to your lower cheek.

  7. I bought that Serge Lutens make up base also to use as an eye makeup primer (per Dustin's recommendation) and I agree that it sucks! I returned mine to Barneys.

  8. Coco- I heard great things about the lipstick and eyeshadow, and the texture is REALLY phenomenal. But this product in particular doesn't work.

    Monica- They can! Lucy Liu has freckles and I'm sure everyone agrees that she's gorgeous. I feel like it has something to do with placement and density.

    Jyoan- haha! I might try again, this time really targeting application instead of dotting at random


    Megan- the SA told me it was meant for eyes though :(

    Tracy- I will try this again!

    Anonymous- ... and next time I will be successful in looking cute and leopard-y!

    Erisachick- I should have done that! :(

  9. I love freckles! I have moles more than anything, NOT cute. I once did this too and had a ball :) I think these look as natural as they can be - I'd never guess they were penciled on!

    Also - $80 for a crap product is unacceptable! So wrong.

  10. Ahh, to be so young and to want freckles. At my age, they are considered age spots and I do everything I can to get rid of/hide them. Renova helps.

  11. Why do you look so adorable with freckles?! I have a few on my nose but my foundation covers them. I like them, though. Figures, foundation covers the stuff you WANT to show!

  12. Isn't Serge Lutens the brand that only (yawn) can be "bothered" to produce two (count 'em) nail polish colors, each at $75.00 last I heard? So glad to know that I can pay my rent as I skip the eyeshadow base here ... I am laughing so hard that you, in all your Asian gorgeousness would take this meticulous time and trouble to simulate FRECKLES (with which I have been afflicted all my life, and spend a lot of time trying to eradicate them from view each am)!! Sooo cute, you are. Thanks for the post and all you do, xoxo Beth in Pgh ;-)

  13. RIGHT? So angry :(

    Anonymous- I was actually *very* unused to it. I have them on the back of my hand and I'm constantly trying to get rid of it :P It was fun though, to just try something new!

    Brooke- Skip foundation at that area :D

    lizzybee- But that leopard-y model! Very interesting! Thanks for reading, Beth <3

  14. Hello, doing some new fall colour research and stumbled across this. The SL Make-up Base is not for the eyes! It's for the face, for hiding imperfections or sculpting underneath foundation. It's very creamy and, as a more (ahem) mature lady, I can attest to the fact that I never could have used it when I was younger as my face would have wound up an oil slick. Can't even imagine trying to use it on the eyelids! Whomever is recommending this is just flat out wrong. Hope this helps!

  15. Does anyone know the name of the blue-eyed model above? She's so incredible beautiful.


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